""""""""""""" ''''''''''''''''

and we drank a two litre of orange crush
""""""""""""" ''''''''''''''''

098 DMS

cody has been waiting
his whole life for the GIGI album
to come out
and it did.

and then I listened to it
in his dream bunker

and it was the entire sun
shining into my ears!

and then the album cover
was part of my bike route of choice
in victoria

so that was nice

welcome to the less idyllic google earth version
of jamie tolagson's 'a local tree (for peter culley)'
because how exciting is it
that that car is parked in the same

and you know what?
google blurred out that license plate
but we've found a loophole



almonds, cohen

brock is playing songs over the phone
monday, february the eighth

at ten pm if you are beside the pacific
or at one am if you are beside lake ontario

from a phonebooth in toronto
to a radio station in an attic in seattle