Picture yourself sitting in a baby bed and your one toy, which you have played with, has been ripped out of your hands. My baby toy is Eddie Floyd. The story begins with a heroic tale, a story, which only one man, can tell. Who is that man you ask? Eddie Floyd Its got to be that way, I quote the flyodmister. I was drawn to the vibrant yellow album sleeve a man standing there so heroic and sly. He sang to me Oh baby feel my baby. Sometimes I think the Jesus we say is Jesus is Eddie Floyd. I purchase the album experience, and what an experience it is, my Jesus. Ever been to noodle box its pretty molly ringwald and i'm talking Molly Ringwald breakfast club days. man I would hit that. Some people say that she is past her date but I don’t think so. Red hair damn and the name its like a candy bar that you love. Anyways back to the point. Eddie My Jesus. After a night in Vancouver I travel to a far land I guess some might say its mystic, but I didn’t see any Minox’es anywhere. Have you ever seen a Bantha. Cause I have there was one wailing around like Joes dangler.
This reminds Moe “the excavator” Branford of a poem: brains are for snacks/ pinch the tail and suck the head/ slurp that drippy drink/ remember to mail your Nonna a letter asking for cash/ caves are for bats and man-bats are for snacks. Moe has a bad memory so don’t hold him to it. It’s all circular logic anyways. So pick up your slacks and dance naked in front of a bluescreen – because you haven’t been made love to until you let Eddie Floyd suck on your head.


Artist - Album - Song
Dirty Projectors - The Glad Fact - The Glad Fact
High Places - 03/07 - 09/07 - Freaked Flight (alternate version)
High Places - 03/07 - 09/07 - Canary
Thank You - Terrible Two - Pregnant Friends
Mutators - Split w/ Shearing Pinx - Forever
Mutators - Split w/ Shearing Pinx - Broken Hands
Weird Weeds - I Miss This - Red
Women - s/t - Black Rice
Dixie's Death Pool - Scarlet Lake - Scarlet Lake
Barr - Summary - Context Ender
No Age - Eraser 7" - Don't Stand Still
No Age - Eraser 7" - Male Masterbation
No Age - Eraser 7" - When You Find Out
Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer - An Animal in Your Care

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Next week will be last last show for a little while (2 months?).


Artist - Album - Song:
Mt Royal - Mad Foxes - Come On
Women - s/t - Flashlights
Women - s/t - Shaking Hand
Four Tet - s/t - Ringer
Animal Collective - Water Curses EP - Seal Eyeing
The Pharmacy - Choose Yr Own Adventure - Choose Yr Own Adventure
The Pharmacy - Choose Yr Own Adventure - Mirror
Entire Cities - Deep River - Talkers
High Places - 03/07 - 09/07 - Head Spins (Extended Version)
High Places - 03/07 - 09/07 - Jump In (for Gilkey Elementary School)
The Notwist - The Devil, You + Me - Gloomy Planets
Ok Vancouver Ok - 28 to 29 - Privleges

Rob of Skankster's Paradise was 45 minutes late so I played these things because they were near me (and are all really good):

Royal City - Little Heart's Ease - Bring My Father a Gift
Macadamia Brothers - Cissura EP - George Pocock
Macadamia Brothers - Cissura EP - Kingdom 5KR
Macadamia Brothers - Cissura EP - Iranian Festivals
Macadamia Brothers - Cissura EP - Polycaprolactone
Macadamia Brothers - Cissura EP - DCD (genes)
No Age - most of Nouns