List time. If you hate lists you are lying.

West coast nostalgia, and some other stuff...

Some records I liked:

Artist - Album:
Dirty Beaches - CS-20
Brave Radar - A Building
dd/mm/yyyy - Black Square
Apollo Ghosts - Hastings Sunrise
Sunset Rubdown - Dragonslayer
Almonds, Cohen - Amazing Grass
Makeout Videotape - Heat Wave EP
DOOM – Born Like This
Think About Life - Family
Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca
City Centre - s/t
The Macadamia Brothers - Tiger Sauce
The Third Old Life Records Compilation

Coolest 7-inches that haven't really been released yet:

Slam Dunk
No Gold

Some memorable events in two thousand and nine:

Sat, Nov 21: Bite Your Tongue 2: Lucky Dragons, Corpusse, Nifty, Feurermusik, Castlemusic at a circus training school in east Toronto (Vancouver isn't the only one with an east side)

Sat, Nov 14: Dirty Projectors, Tune Yards at The Opera House, Toronto

Thurs, Oct 15: Katie Stelmanis at The Garrison, Toronto

Fri, June 19: OLD LIFE PARTY 2009 with your pals Cobras, Colourbook, Dreamboat, Slam Dunk, Almonds Cohen, ‘It It, Balacade, Onaping Falls, My Friend Wallis, Public Schools, Recreation, Ruthie and Winfield, Bear’s Lair, Lake Country, others? at The Fifty Fifty, Victoria (Minus front door elitism)

June 9-13: Music Waste with East Van hang outs, best friends and Black Label beer

Wed, May 13: Amazing Grass Release Party! Almonds, Cohen and Macadamia Brothers in a tunnel while it was raining, on the Galloping Goose, near Recyclistas, Victoria

Friday, April 10: Colourbook, with DJs, more best friends, leaky oil van and last second Balacade runaways at The Astoria, Vancouver


Did you like 2009? Is 2010 cool? What do you want to do?

Blogs Become Less Important

Carload of Whatever is not a radio show right now. It has changed into living room, beer and used/inherited record hang outs. Toronto's community radio stations have wait lists for volunteers and strange infighting. Maybe Andrea and I will start something else here.

It's the end of the decade.

(Photo appears without Sam's permission)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tonight! (Wednesday, July 15) - Colourbook, 'It It, Almonds, Cohen at Bayanihan Community Centre. Come watch Brock play in every band before he moves to Toronto! This will be the last Almonds show in Victoria for a while, and the last 'It It show forever. Also, come see Colourbook's newly spray painted van - SHITTY STEVE!

This weekend is the annual What the Heck Fest happening on the other side of the San Juan Islands in Anacortes, Washington. I think I will finally make it over there this year. More info and lineup is here. It costs the same to walk onto the ferry as it does to bring your bike. See you there!

After three years on the air, this Sunday will be the last Carload of Whatever. Thanks to anyone who ever tuned in, called in, read this poorly maintained blog, or came out to any of the A&R all ages shows. It was all pretty cool!


Artist - Album - Song
Ponytail - Ice Cream Spiritual - Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came From An Angel)
Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca - No Intention
Abe Vigoda - Skeleton - Animal Ghosts
My Friend Wallis - When The Blue Turned Yellow - On a Vacation
Panda Bear - Young Prayer - Untitled 1
Panda Bear - Young Prayer - Untitled 2
Young Lions - 7" - Living
City Centre - s/t - Cloud Center
Royal City - s/t - Can't You Hear Me Calling
Silk Flowers - s/t - Sand
The Metic - s/t - Happens That I'm Tired
Special Noise - The Year EP - Fun Died
Ruthie & Winfield - Rough Bubba Trauna - O'Brien Falcon
Almonds, Cohen - The Third Old Life Records Compilation - Stigmata Cigarette Burns
Rory Seydel - The Third Old Life Records Compilation - Be Welcomed
Ok Vancouver Ok - I Get So Drunk About Songs About Love - Love's So Great
Makeout Videotape - Heat Wave EP - Spooky Eyes
Makeout Videotape - Heat Wave EP - Basketball Kids

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Friend Wallis and Almonds, Cohen both stopped by this week for two live in-studio performances. If you missed out, the recordings will be available as podcasts via the CFUV website soon.

No playlist this week!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Old Lifer Cody Spencer was here last Sunday to talk about the brand new Old Life Compilation. We worked our way through the songs on the new comp, and shared relatively interesting information about each band/artist along the way.

This Sunday be sure to tune into both Gumdrops & Lollipops and Carload of Whatever to hear TWO live in studio performances. G&L will be hosting a live set from My Friend Wallis, a new local tropical band made up of most of Vincat and some of their friends. Carload of Whatever will host an acoustic set from Almonds, Cohen.

My Friend Wallis will be releasing their debut record on Saturday night at the new 16 1/2 space in Fan Tan alley. Also performing that night will be Himalayan Bear and 'It It.

Almonds, Cohen will be playing live on Sunday night at Bayanihan Community Centre along with Iji, Watercolor Paintings and Ruthie & Winfield.

Party time.


Artist - Song (All songs from the Third Old Life Records Compilation):
Almonds, Cohen - Stigmata Cigarette Burns
My Friend Wallis - Free Day!
'It It - Tssawwassen
Onaping Falls - On My Way Home
Cobras Cobras Cobras - Commandon't
The Macadamia Brothers - Gazebo
Blank - Tripe
Bach Cottage - Got a Glock
Lake Country - Basement
Balacade - Ghost Car
Colourbook - Iago to Airline
Public Schools - Beach Road
Ruthie & Winfield - Fiver
Bear's Lair - Fiver
Rory Seydel - Be Welcomed
Stefana Fratila - Small Fists

Deerhunter - Rainwater Cassette Exchange EP - Disappearing Ink
Sunset Rubdown - Dragonslayer - You Go On Ahead
Archivist - Learning To Live on Poison - Jagwagger
Royal City - Royal City - Is This It?
Royal City - Royal City - Bad Luck

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Music Waste was great. The Old Life Party was super great. Tune in next week for a special Old Life Records show. Cody and others (Brock?) will come and talk about the brand new Old Life compilation.


Artist - Album - Song
Lake Country - Tape - I Dreamt You Were a Bug
Lake Country - Tape - Bee's Needs
Woods - Songs of Shame - The Hold
Makeout Videotape - Heat Wave EP - Slush Puppy Love
Makeout Videotape - Heat Wave EP - Coming Up Soon
Double Dagger - More - Helicopter Lullaby
The Vermicious Knid - Smalltown Devotion/Hometown Compulsion - Tour of Truckstops
Blaise Pascal - E-Filter EP - Cates 15
Life Without Buildings - Any Other City - Juno
The Vaselines - Enter the Vaselines - Molly's Lips
The Vaselines - Enter the Vaselines - Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam
Halo Benders - The Rebels Not In - Your Asterisk
Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca - Useful Chamber
Chromatics - After Dark Comp - Hands in the Dark
Deerhoof - Milk Man - Milk Man
The Macadamia Brothers - The Third Old Life Compilation - Gazebo
Almonds, Cohen - Amazing Grass - Two Magpies
Thanksgiving - Cave Days and Moments - (Fleeting) Moments
Tradition - s/t - Before the Altar

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Music Waste is an independent music festival that takes place every June in Vancouver. It began 15 years ago as a protest against corporately sponsored, industry oriented, 'pay-to-apply' festivals, and has since grown into the most interesting music event in the city. Music Waste is locally oriented, with the great majority of bands playing being from Vancouver. This year over 100 bands will play at 25 shows throughout East Vancouver. Passes are only $15! If you find yourself in Vancouver in the next week/weekend, go hang out and get a crash course in all things Vancouver. Lucky for me, I'll be killing the rest of this week in Vancouver. Hopefully I can bring back some new music for the show.

Music Waste info here

If you can't make it to Vancouver, there is a mega-party show happening here in Victoria on Friday night at the Fifty-Fifty:

Slam Dunk (Burrito band)
Mt Royal (From Medicine Hat)
My Friend Wallis (Victoria tropical from Vincat Crystal)
Haunter (From Winnipeg)

All Ages, $6, Doors at 8.

Johnnie is filling in for me this Sunday; see you next week.


Artist - Album - Song
Inquiet - A Fifty Gallon Drum of Savage Customs, Fresh Flesh and Random Pop - Fresh Flesh
Yo La Tengo - Summer Sun - Beach Party Tonight
Atlas Sound - Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel - Recent Bedroom
Lotus Plaza - The Floodlight Collective - Quicksand
Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat - White Light/White Heat
City Center - s/t - Life Was A Problem
City Center - s/t - Gladest
Makeout Videotape - Heat Wave EP - Slush Puppy Love
Mt Royal - Mad Foxes - Come On
Kidnapping - Music Waste Mix Tape - Diamonds From Coal
Tigerhead - Music Waste Mix Tape - Lion
No Gold - 7" - Miami
Grouper - Way Their Crept - Untitled
Lake - Oh, The Places We'll Go - Bad Dream
Think About Life - Family - Set You On Fire
The Dirty Projectors - Single - Stillness is the Move
Deradoorian - Mind Raft - Weed Jam
Almonds, Cohen - Amazing Grass - Acadia

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The new Think About Life album is totally crazy. Holy smokes. Andrea described it well saying that it feels like falling into a giant pool of lemonade. It is the silliest, cheesiest, most fun summertime album I could image. Let's hope they can finally make it out to Victoria sometime soon so we can have fun like this:


Artist - Album - Song
Gun Outfit - Dimlight - Work Experience
Gun Outfit - Dimlight - Troubles Like Mine
Brides - Queens - Play Glass
Aidswolf - Demo - Pantymind (extended)
Nadja - When I See The Sun Always on TV - Only Shallow
ii - Landlakes - We Ate Everyone
Think About Life - Family - Havin' My Baby
Miracle Fortress - Watery Grave EP - Eschatology
No Kids - Come Into My House - Listen For It / Courtyard Music
The Dirty Projectors - The Getty Address - I Will Truck
Deradoorian - Mind Raft - Holding Pattern
Barr - Summary - This Song is the Single
Abe Vigoda - Reviver - Don't Lie
Blanck - 13 Songs - Jadded Lovars
Almonds, Cohen - Amazing Grass - Baseball
Thee Oh Sees - Help - Ruby Go Home
Woods - Songs of Shame - The Hold
Magik Markers - Balf Quarry - Jerks

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I played Operation Ivy today. "I know that things are getting tougher when you cant get top off from the bottom of the barrel. Wide open road of my future now...Its looking fucking narrow!" Woah man!

I also played a Jay Reatard song, mostly so that I could talk about him punching people. Last summer in Toronto, Jay Reatard got really mad when a drunk dude jumped up on stage, so he punched him in the face and stormed off. Luckily, this was all documented...

The venue the show was at - The Silver Dollar - is home to the somewhat infamous, sporadic, drug addicted booker Dan Burke. After Jay Reatard and co. left the stage, Dan jumped up and taunted the band and the audience, making the whole show into a pretty good punk viral video...

After this all happened, Jay Reatard began to attack Dan Burke and the Silver Dollar in interviews, saying lack of security, etc was the reason for the incident. This image shows just how threatening Jay Reatard's attacker was...
Perhaps the only winner from the night was David Waldman (aka Kid With a Camera) who managed to capture the amazing photo above.

The Youtube user citizenbirdtube was obviously enraged by the incident:

"Real punks don't give a shit if a fan dances or spoofs a bit on stage as long as there is no threat to the band. That's what real punk and hardcore is all about - the close connection to the people.

Fuck JR. Just another MTV corporate whore."


Artist - Album - Song
dd/mm/yyyy - The Blue Screen of Death - We're Not Perfect
dd/mm/yyyy - The Blue Screen of Death - Teenageartfagcancerfanclub
Tim Hecker - An Imaginary Country - 100 Years Ago
Pink Mountaintops - Outside Love - Axis: Thrones of Love
Wooden Shjips - Dos - Motorbike
Colourbook - s/t - Spout/Bec
Joan of Arc - 7" - My Summer-long High Wipeout
Cap'n Jazz - Analphabetapology - We Are Scientists!
Pavement - Slanted and Enchanted - Zurich is Stained
Cause Co-Motion - It's Time - Don't You Know
Jay Reatard - Matador Singles '08 - An Ugly Death
Condo Fucks - Fuckbook - So Easy Baby
The Kinks - Kink Kronikles - Did You See His Name?
Charles Spearin - The Happiness Project - Mr. Gowrie
KC Accidental - Anthems for the Could've Been Pills - Them (Pop Song #3333)
The Hunches - Exit Dreams - Deaf Ambitions
Times New Viking - Rip It Off - Drop Out
Operation Ivy - Energy - Knowledge

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The new Almonds, Cohen CD is out! It is called Amazing Grass. Brock spent a full year chipping away at recording these songs with Macadamia Brother Scott, leaving us all with a fantastic record that combines beautiful arrangements with really accomplished songwriting. Lots of people are very excited! You can find Amazing Grass at Ditch Records, or through the Old Life Records mail order.

Almonds, Cohen played in a tunnel on the Galloping Goose on a rainy Wednesday to celebrate the release of the record. It sort of looked like this:

Almonds, Cohen - Hexcuses, Hexcuses Live from Nevin on Vimeo.

Click here to also watch Two Magpies Live!
Digging For Clams soon to come!


Artist - Album - Song
Mika Miko - We Be Xuxa - Totion
Mika Miko - We Be Xuxa - On the Rise
No Age - Nouns - Eraser
The Defektors - 7" - Torn to Pieces
Dog Day - Concentration - Wait It Out
Clues - Clues - Remember Severed Head
AC Newman - Get Guilty - Like a Hitman, Like a Dancer
Woods - Songs of Shame - Gypsy Hand
The Oh Sees - Help - Destroyed Fortress Reappears
Liars - s/t - Pure Unevil
The Torrent - Leonora Moreno - Pairs
Experimental Dental School - Forest Field - Basement Fever
Crocodiles - Summer of Hate - Summer of Hate
Women - s/t - Black Rice
Elfin Saddle - Ringing For the Begin Again - Muskeg Parade
Almonds, Cohen - Amazing Grass - Perpetuum Terrace
The Macadamia Brothers - Travel A Fair Distance - Finger Time
The Hunches - Exit Dreams - Ate My Teeth
Double Dagger - More - Vivre Sans Temps Mort
Japanther - Dump the Body in Rikki Lake - Critical

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I was away in Vancouver and America for a bit. Thanks to Johanna and Nathan for filling in for me the past few weeks.

While I was away the Victoria city council decided to stop Camas and the Brickyard from hosting shows. Andrea already articulated how I feel about this, but I wanted to mention it on here as well. All ages venues are important to local music scenes; they allow for the entire community to participate in shows, regardless of age. I spent a large part of my underage high school years at all ages shows. I always dreaded seeing my favorite bands come through town with the '19+' tag attached to the listing.

Camas made it easy for anyone to put on shows. Andrea and I used to complain about the lack of affordable all ages venues in Victoria. Camas stopped our complaining for a year and a half. The space supported several music communities in Victoria for that period, hosting local punk, hardcore, noise and indie rock shows on a weekly basis. As of this Friday, May 15, Camas will no longer be having shows. Luckily, the Fifty Fifty Arts Collective stepped back into the picture right before we lost Camas and the Brickyard as venues. Vancouver has been having similar issues with all ages venues being shut down recently. It is a problem that will recur, and Victoria is not the only place this happens. Technically, these venues were illegal, operating outside of their zoning designations. I'm not sure what needs to happen to ensure that a venue can operate 'legally,' but at least we had those spaces for the time that we did.

Some good things that happened there:

Sat, April 17, 2009: Ghosts, ‘It It, Woolworm at Brickyard

Fri, March 6, 2009: Slam Dunk, ‘It It, Rooney & the Minglers, Old Gospel at Camas

Thurs, January 29, 2009: Listening Party, Slam Dunk, Almonds Cohen, Giant Wood Chipper at Brickyard

Sat, January 17, 2009: Elenora Thompson, Giant Wood Chipper, Walter TV, Fuji Hakayito at Camas

Sun, Nov 16, 2008: A&R Presents - The Bicycles, Hot Panda, Prairie Cat, The Secret World of Animals at Camas

Sat, Nov 15, 2008: Balacade, The Joe, Doug Hoyer, Nail Salon at Camas

Wed, June 18, 2008: Slam Dunk, Women, Mt Royal at Brickyard

Sun, May 18, 2008: A&R Presents - Laura Barrett, No Gold, The Macadamia Brothers at Camas

Thurs, May 1, 2008: Balacade, Nail Salon, Bear’s Lair at Brickyard

Fri, April 25, 2008: Oldlife Presents - The Blankket, Almonds Cohen, Blanck at Camas

December 30, 2007: A&R Presents - Endless Bummer, The Desks, Panty Boy, Balacade at Camas


In happier local music news, the Almonds, Cohen full length record is DONE! It is called Amazing Grass, and there is a special release show happening on Wednesday. Almonds, Cohen doesn't even need venues. This event is outside, in a semi-secret (okay, it's a tunnel) location. Meet at Recyclistas at 8:30. Bring a flashlight. It's outside. It's free. Macadamia Brother's are performing as well. Boom box amps.

More info at Old Life.


Artist - Album - Song
Wavves - Wavvves - No Hope Kids
Future Islands - Wave Like Home - Old Friend
Double Dagger - More - No Allies
Crocodiles - Summer of Hate - I Wanna Kill
The Magnetic Fields - The Wayward Bus - The Saddest Story Ever Told
Apollo Ghosts - Hastings Sunrise - Shadow Boxing Bruce Lee
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Natural Light
The Vaselines - Enter the Vaselines - Molly's Lips
The Torrent - Leonora Moreno - Unpopular
Anagram - Split 12" - Manic Indulgence
The Blankket - Pegatively Nositive - 2003 (clean)
Telepathe - Dancemother - Can't Stand It
Woods - Songs of Shame - The Hold
Almonds, Cohen! - Amazing Grass - Ring Finger
Clues - Clues - Haarp
Tim Hecker - An Imaginary Country - 200 Years Ago
Years - Years - Are You Unloved?
Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam - Derek

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I've been terrible at updating this blog for the past month and a half. Finishing up school consumed my spare time. When my updates disappear you should go read Regency Fops. Geoff posts playlists before the show goes to air. That would be impossible on Carload of Whatever.

Things I think about: Why did Julie Doiron re-record songs she wrote for Shotgun & Jaybird in 2006? Why did she decide to do it on this record, and not on the other two records she's put out since Trying to Get Somewhere? This stuff keeps me up at night.

Carload of Whatever is heading into its last summer. I should have lots of free time over the next few months, so hopefully that translates into well organized, informative programming. That being said, I'll be gone for the next two weeks. This week Johanna is filling in for me, followed by Nathan next Sunday. See you after that.


Artist - Album - Song
Lotus Plaza - The Floodlight Collective - Quicksand
Sunset - Loveshines II - Loveshines II
Blank Dogs - On Two Sides - The Lines
Condo Fucks - Fuckbook - With a Girl Like You
The Kinks - Kink Kronikles - This is Where I Belong
Of Montreal - Satanic Panic in the Attic - Your Magic is Working
Saturday Looks Good To Me - All Your Summer Songs - Meet Me By the Water
Deerhunter - Weird Era Cont. - Operation
Tim Hecker - An Imaginary Country - A Stop at the Chord Cascades
Les Mouches - You're Worth More to me Than 1000 Christians - Cities Become Less Important
Lake Country - Tape Split - Bee's Needs
Sunset Rubdown - Snake's Got a Leg - I Know the Weight of Your Throat
Swan Lake - Enemy Mine - Spanish Gold, 2044
Julie Doiron - I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day - Borrowed Minivans
Shotgun & Jaybird - Trying to Get Somewhere - Writing On Our Arms
The Torrent - Building Blocks Vol. 1 - Leopold Bloom
Videotape - My Favorite Thing - Night Lights

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lots of new!


Artist - Album - Song
Lotus Plaza - The Floodlight Collective - Different Mirrors
Tim Hecker - An Imaginary Country - Sea of Pulses
Tune Yards - Bird Brains - Sunlight
The Coathangers - Scramble - Toomerhead
MV & EE with the Golden Road - Drone Trailer - Anyway
Jeremy Jay - Slow Dance - We Were There
Emeralds - Solar Bridge - The Quaking Mess
Swan Lake - Enemy Mine - Paper Lace
Leonard Cohen - Live in London - Suzanne
Dan Deacon - Bromst - Puddling Ghost
Videohippos - Unbeast the Leash - Downfall
Japandroids - Post-Nothing - Young Hearts Spark Fire
Blaise Pascal - Foreward - Forecast

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blaise Pascal are 90's band from Vancouver. They are really good. They toured with Pavement.


Artist - Album - Song
Gun Outfit - Dimlight - Work Experience
Brides - Queens - Play Glass
Crystal Stilts - Alight of Night - Crystal Stilts
Sunset - 7" - I'm Not a Perfect Person (Looks Like I Fucked Up Again)
Bob Wiseman - It's True - Cousin Dave
Blake Miller - 7" Split - Tomorrow Sorrow
Apollo Ghosts - Hastings Sunrise - Dobermans
Magic Weapon - s/t EP - Cloudy People
Cause Co-Motion - It's Time! - Don't You Know?
Land of Kush - Against the Day - Rue du Depart
They Shoot Horses Don't They - Boo Hoo Hoo Boo - Hiccup
Blaise Pascal - Foreward - The Right Bank
Blaise Pascal - Foreward - Restoration
Blaise Pascal - Foreward - Victory Chords
Wavves - Wavvves - So Bored
dd/mm/yyyy - Black Square - Real Eyes
The Dirty Projectors - Rise Above - Rise Above

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lots of 7 inches. They are impractical to listen to at home, however are ideal for radio play.


Artist - Album - Song
No Age - Eraser 7" - Eraser
Wavves - Wavvves - No Hope Kids
Sunset - Loveshines II 7" - Loveshines II
The Condo Fucks - Fuckbook - With a Girl Like You
Deerhunter - Weird Era Cont. - Focus Group
Two Bears - Eight Ice Cream Cones - TV Blues
Julie Doiron - I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day - Lovers of the World
Jon Rae Fletcher - Oh, Maria - Oh, Maria
AC Newman - Get Guilty - The Heartbreak Rides
K.I.T. - Dreams Are Burned 7" - Dreams Are Burned
K.I.T. - Dreams Are Burned 7" - Golden Side
U.S. Girls - Kankankee Memories 7" - So Ladder Strong
The Memories Attack - Memories Attack - Peaks and Valleys
The Vermicious Knid - Smalltown Devotion/Hometown Compulsion - Tour of Truckstops
Abe Vigoda - World Heart 7" - World Heart
Times New Viking - Stay Awake 7" - Stay Awake
Rites of Spring - All Through a Life 7" - All Through a Life
Fugazi - 13 Songs - Bulldog Front
Bach Cottage - The Homestand - Been a Long Damned Time


Once a year CFUV gets really annoying and asks for money. The money we raise during the week of FUNDRIVE fully supports the station for the entire year. As a volunteer programmer, I am required to raise over $200 for CFUV through my show. So here I am, asking you to help out CFUV for another year and donate some money to my show tomorrow. Any donations of $25 or more are eligble either for one trip into our 'Small Room of Big Prizes' (each trip allows you to take one CD, LP, etc as a gift from the room) or a tax receipt. My past visits to the 'small room' have rewarded me with a Sonic Youth rarities collection, a Hank record, a Ninja High School CD and a fancy CFUV t-shirt. You want to be in there.

You can donate money online here, or by calling 250-721-8700.

Independent radio is so cool! Help save the day!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

International Women's Day!

Bands with female drummers that aren't Meg White.

Artist - Album - Song
Telepathe - Dance Mother - Can't Stand It
Vapid - Emergency Room Vol. 1 - Die
Nu Sensae - 12" - Graceland
White Lung - Local Garbage 7" - Local Garbage
Henri Faberge & the Adorables - Dance Dance Revelation
The Bicycles - The Good, The Bad and the Cuddly - Australia
Bright Young Things - Aaargh Annual I - Where the Wicked Go
Shapes & Sizes - s/t - Rory's Bleeding
Frog Eyes - Tears of the Valedictorian - Idle Songs
Katie Stelmanis - Join Us - Track 3
Yo La Tengo - I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One - Deeper Into Movies
Beat Happening - Jamboree - Cat Walk
Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground & Nico - I'm Waiting For The Man
ooioo - Gold & Green - Fossil


Pony Up
Mt Royal
Hot Panda
Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks

Who else??

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Essay season makes for irregular blog posts.

dd/mm/yyyy were on MTV! It was strange to see them sandwiched between commentary on The Hills, however it was also very cool that a band like dd/mm/yyyy could find themselves performing on national television (MTV Canada that is). Their new record Black Square just might be the most 'normal' thing this band has ever released. The songs generally follow pretty basic ideas of song structure, with relatively consistent tempos and time signatures. The jagged schizophrenia of the band is still there, however it just seems a little more palatable this time around. The best thing about this record is that they stripped it down to 35 minutes and just 12 tracks, as opposed to Are They Masks? and The Blue Screen of Death, both of which have 20+ tracks and come close to the hour mark. The band are in the middle of another massive tour right now, a mode they seem to constantly be in. They are certainly one of the harder working bands in Toronto in their consistent break out of the Southern Ontario bubble. I've tried to bring them here a few times, but schedules never lined up. Hopefully someone can make that happen in the near future. Thumbs up for the new record!

Black Square comes out on March 17 through We Are Busy Bodies.

Who is going to Leonard Cohen? I played Chelsea Hotel No. 2 as Andrea and I lamented the $70 shitty seats we couldn't justify paying for. I know I will regret not going.


Sunday, (*The First of March, The Holiday*), 2009

Artist - Album - Song
The Blankket – Pegatively Nositive – Independence is no Solution
Ponytail – Ice Cream Spiritual – G Shock
Abe Vigoda – Reviver – Wild Heart
The Memories Attack – Memories Attack – Collapso
The Memories Attack – Memories Attack – Peaks and Valleys
Shotgun & Jaybird – Trying to Get Somewhere – Writing on Our Arms
Pavement – Brighten the Corners – Shady Lane / J Vs. S
Sloan – 4 Nights at the Palais Royale 1999 – The Good In Everyone (Live)
Shearing Pinx – Ultra Snake – Smarts
Nu Sensae – 12” – Peter Tripp
Nu Sensae – 12” – Graceland
Jerkward – All Your Ears Can Hear Compilation – Flesh and Bones
Nels Cline – Coward – Epiphyllum
Asobi Seksu – Hush – Glacially
Yo La Tengo – Dark Was the Night – Gentle Hour
Leonard Cohen – The Best of – Chelsea Hotel No. 2
Dd/mm/yyyy – Black Squares – They
Dd/mm/yyyy – Black Squares – Sirius
Japanther – Skuffed Up My Huffy – Um Like Your Smile Is Totally Ruling Me

Sunday, February 22, 2009:

Artist - Album - Song
Abe Vigoda - Reviver - Don't Lie
Abe Vigoda - Reviver - House
dd/mm/yyyy - Black Square - Bronze Age
dd/mm/yyyy - Black Square - Bronze Age
Jon Rae Fletcher - Oh, Maria - Maria
Bach Cottage - The Homestead - Grocery Bills
Ok Vancouver Ok - I Get So Drunk About Songs About Love - When You Get Home
Almonds, Cohen - Travel a Fair Distance - Two Friends, Old Friends
Shearing Pinx - Ultra Snake - Called the Wrong Name
Nu Sensae - 12" - The Witch
Apollo Ghosts - Hastings Sunrise - Dobermans
Apollo Ghosts - Hastings Sunrise - Land of the Morning Calm
The New Pornographers - Dark Was the Night Compilation - Hey, Snow White
Dirty Projectors & David Byrne - Dark Was the Night Compilation - Knotty Pine
Deerhunter - Weird Era, Cont. - Operation
Emeralds - Solar Bridge - Magic
Blank Dogs - On Two Sides - Blaring Speeches
Charles Spearin - The Happiness Project - Mr. Gowrie ****

**** Marks Requests

Sunday, February 8, 2009

When I first heard about Charles Spearin's record The Happiness Project I just sort of ignored it. I assumed it would be in the same vein as the two recent 'Broken Social Scene Presents' records. While Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning's records in the BSS Presents series were good, I think they lost the power of the sprawling collective by not utilizing the diverse songwriting amongst them. I was concerned that a Charles Spearin record would continue the trend of Broken Social Scene acting as a backing band, signaling a slow move away from what made records like You Forgot It In People so good. I was pleasantly surprised to find The Happiness Project to be something completely new.

Rather than acting as another solo record from a member of Broken Social Scene, The Happiness Project rejects the concept of conventional songwriting, instead using the intonation of conversation to map out melodies. In essence the songs on the record are written by the cadence of individual conversations about happiness. The result is a complex and beautiful record that successfully draws attention to the artistic value of daily life and conversation. Perhaps a little trying at times, the record on the whole is dense while being surprisingly listenable. The track Mr. Gowrie seems to fully realize the power of this strange songwriting mode. The record employs the musical talents of quite a few Broken Social Scene members and is being released on Kevin Drew's Arts and Crafts Records, but don't be mislead...this is not a Broken Social Scene release. This is weird. In a good way.

The record comes on on Tuesday, February 10th. You stream some tracks and find more info here.

See you in two weeks.


Artist - Album - Song
Japanther - Dump the Body in Rikki Lake - Dump the Body in Rikki Lake
The Sticks - Split w/ Hands on Heads - The Floor, The Ground
The Sticks - Split w/ Hands on Heads - On the Sea
Blank Dogs - On Two Sides - Twenty Two
Vivian Girls - s/t - Never See Me Again
Fennesz - Black Sea - The Colour of Three
Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion - Guys Eyes
Charles Spearin - The Happiness Project - Anna
Lucky Dragons - Dream Island Laughing Language - Givers
High Places - s/t - The Storm
Growing - The Soul of the Rainbow and the Harmony of Light - Onement
Growing - The Soul of the Rainbow and the Harmony of Light - Anaheim II
Growing - The Soul of the Rainbow and the Harmony of Light - Epochal Reminiscence
Liars - Drum's Not Dead - Be Quiet Mt Heart Attack!
Liars - Drum's Not Dead - Let's Not Wrestle Mt Heart Attack
Jerkward - All Your Ears Can Hear Compilation - Millions of Dead BMXers
Jerkward - All Your Ears Can Hear Compilation - Flesh and Bones
Jerkward - All Your Ears Can Hear Compilation - UFO
Deerhunter - Weird Era Cont. - Backspace Century
Railcars - Cities vs Submarines - There is Ice; It is Blue
Hank - The Land of the Singers - Never Have Another Boy in my Life
Bach Cottage - The Homestead - Been a Long Damned Time

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Blocks releases.

Defektors 7" is pretty good.

Wavves are pretty noisy.

Future Islands are from Baltimore.


Artist - Album - Song
The Blankket - Pegatively Nositive - Independence Is No Solution
$100 - Forest of Tears - 14th Floor
Hank - The Luck of Singers - Distraction
A.C. Newman - Get Guilty - The Heartbreak Rides
Defektors - 7" - Torn to Pieces
Hey Everyone - Broken Horse - Rotten Little Buggers
Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion - In the Flowers
Fennesz - The Black Sea - Perfume For Winter
BARR - Beyond Reinforced Jewel Case - Is All For Updated
Wavves - s/t - California Goth
Wavves - s/t - Space Raider
Future Islands - Wave Like Home - Old Friend
Lake Country - Tape - Memory Lane
Think About Life - Demo - Track 7
Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles - I Luv the Valley OH
Gowns - Red State - White Like Heaven
The Metic - s/t - Happens That I'm Tired
Pavement - Brighten the Corners - Shady Lane / J vs. S
Belle & Sebastian - Live in Belfast 2001 - Dirty Dream # 2
Belle & Sebastian - Live in Belfast 2001 - Boy With the Arab Strap

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quite a few new releases into the station this week, including the new A.C. Newman record. I really liked the first song of his that I played. Andrea described it as "orchestral." I do too. I haven't listened to the whole record yet though, so I can't comment on the whole thing. I have a question for you though...his myspace page says 'Brooklyn, New York' as his location. Did Carl abandon his Vancouver roots for the mecca of hip?

The new Animal Collective really is good, but of course you already know that. I take issue with the last song, but apart from that, it is a pretty easy record to like. They are playing in Vancouver on May 24 at the Commodore. No word on who with yet, but I imagine that show will sell out very quick, if it hasn't already. Lets see how long this one stays on the CFUV charts.

Also, the Victoria Film Festival starts on Friday! Let's go to films!


Artist - Album - Song
AC Newman - Get Guilty - There Are Maybe Ten or Twelve
Lake Country - Tape - I Dreamt You Were a Bug
Lake Country - Tape - Slave Kids
Telepathe - Dance Mother - Michael
Pens - Single - Networking
Matt & Kim - Grand - Cutdown
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - s/t - Everything With You
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless - To Here Knows When
Growing - All the Way - Lens Around
Benoit Pioulard - Temper - Golden Grin
Blackout Beach - Skin of Evil - Astoria, Menthol Lite, Hilltop, Wave of Evil 1982
Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion - Daily Routine
La Dusseldorf - Indivuellos - Menshen 1
Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures - Disorder
Wavves - s/t - Wavves
Lovvers - Single - Human Hair
Videohippos - Unbeast the Leash - Bear Fight

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Onwards with 2009.

New Cobras!

Hair Police was shocking.

Latest Neil Young archival release saves the day.


Artist - Album - Song
Beach House - s/t - Saltwater
Yo La Tengo - Summer Sun - Beach Party Tonight
Timber Timbre - s/t - No Bold Villain
Cobras Cobras Cobras - The Royal Paul Beatdown - Not Going to Die For It
Cobras Cobras Cobras - The Royal Paul Beatdown - Tall Dark and Gruesome
Flipper - Generic - Ever
Shapes & Sizes - Aaargh Annual I - Taste In My Mouth
Jenni Omnichord - CFRU Compilation: Just West of Something Big - Where is My Mind? (Pixies Cover)
The Vermicious Knid - Smalltown Devotion/Hometown Compulsion - Century Soldiers
Ok Vancouver Ok - I Get So Drunk About Songs About Love - I Get So Drunk About Songs About Love
Life Without Buildings - Any Other City - Juno
Sonic Youth - The Destroyed Room - Beautiful Plateau
Hair Police - Certainty of Swarms - Mangled Earth
Neil Young - Sugar Mountain: Live At Canterbury House 1968 - Sugar Mountain
Telepathe - Dance Mother - Can't Stand It