Favorite Records of 2008

This is not a top ten, nor does it represent what are definitively the best records of the year. These are simply my favorite (11?) records of 2008. You don't have to read any of it, just look at the pictures. Hopefully my HTML coding works?

Carload of Whatever's Favorite Records 2008:

Times New Viking – Rip It Off (Matador)
Short, noisy pop-punk tunes that sound like they are played through a broken AM radio at the bottom of the ocean. Even when you turn it down this is loud. The EP was good too!

No Age – Nouns (Sub Pop)
While the L.A. Smell scene has been generating great records for years, the release of Nouns made everyone else realize what is going on there. This one lives up to the hype. It is the record I wish that I could make.

Vivian Girls – s/t (In the Red)
This record proves you don’t necessarily have to blaze new musical trails to be prolific. Maximum fun. Drunk-beach-punk party. Brooklyn proves it is still really cool.

The Music Tapes – Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes (Merge)
Julian Koster was a founding member of Neutral Milk Hotel, and that is pretty much the only thing I can connect this record to. Along with an eerie mesh of saw and banjo are some really compelling (and weird) songs.

Abe Vigoda – Skeleton (Post Present Medium)
This was their third release, but it acted as a debut for most people (myself included). While the guitars do most of the work, it is the drumming that stands out for me here. L.A. Smell.

Deerhunter – Microcastle (Kranky)
This is a fantastic record. 2008 seemed to lack in the big, universally enjoyed releases from the last few years. Microcastle seems like one of the few releases that could fit into that category.

Atlas Sound – Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel (Kranky)
This is an ambient record that is secretly a pop record. Bradford Cox makes Ableton Live sound natural and organic.

Wolf Parade – At Mount Zoomer (Sub Pop)
Instead of loading their songs with hooks, this record buries them at the end of each song. You have to be patient, but this is the perfect follow-up to massive success of Apologies to the Queen Mary.

Ecstatic Sunshine – Way (Cardboard)
This record introduced a third member to do live electronic manipulation while recording. The result is an ambient drone record with sporadic bursts of guitar melodies.

ii – Landlakes (Feral Media / Dizzy Donor)
Jon Tjhia gave me this record in the summer when he was in Victoria with his other band Aleks & the Ramps. I assumed it would be a quirky Australian-esque pop record like the Ramps, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a weird, ambient instrumental record. Highly recommended.

Women – s/t (Flemish Eye)
This record was exactly what I wanted to hear this year. It is loud and eerie, with long drone sections, complex guitar work and psychedelic pop buried under the mess. All hail Calgary.

I told Renegade Radio this was my favorite of the year.

Honorable Mentions:


Pavement - Live Europaturnén MCMXCVII (Matador)
Holy shit...a long lost live Pavement record that was never released. Recorded in 1997, Matador just released it as a limited edition vinyl bonus for those who pre-ordered the Brighten the Corners reissue. With less than two weeks to go in 2008, I had to squeeze this in here. If you didn't do the pre-order, go look for a download of it. Live Pavement!

Videohippos - Unbeast the Leash (Monitor / Wildfire)

This came out at the end of 2007, but we got it in at CFUV the first week of 2008, so it missed my favorites list last year. Lost in the void of CFUV’s calendar, this was a 2008 record for me, and was definitely one of my favorites. Part of Baltimore-mania from last year.

Old Life Records Comp (Old Life)
It seems like cheating to put a comp in the list, especially when half of the songs are by friends. Still, this was really good and I listened to it a lot this year, so I’ll put it here.

Almonds, Cohen & The Macadamia Brothers – Travel a Fair Distance (Old Life)
Like the Old Life Comp, this seems like cheating, so it goes here. Some of these are older songs, and it wasn’t really a proper release, but the disc has some of my favorite songs by both artists, and Macadmaia Scott’s production on the Almonds, Cohen songs adds a lot.

Stefana Fratila – Victory Square (Self-released)

I don’t know when this came out, or if it was just made for her Victoria show, so it goes here as well. This has really great lo-fi pop tunes. Stefana and her band are still in high school. Keep an eye out for them in the future.

Favorite Non-2008 Purchase:

Hair Police – Blind Kingdom (Ultra Eczema): Released April 2007
Hair Police started as a joke for me. When I was 16 I saw them open for Sonic Youth and it was so loud I almost threw up. Later that night Thurston Moore said one of my favorite music quotes I’ve ever heard: “Hair Police are perfect.” Since then I have been fascinated by this Lexington, Kentucky-based noise band. I found this limited-edition, vinyl only, Belgian import at Rotate This in Toronto and after spending two anxious days thinking about it, I realized I had to have it. The record was originally recorded as a special for Radio Centraal in Antwerp. The album art is fantastic, one side is laser etched, and the screaming noise is toned down into more of a drone hypnotism. This is a scary record, but it quickly became one of my favorites in my collection.


Japanther – Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt (Wantage)
Dear Penny Rimbaud,
What the fuck was that?

Criticize and contribute.

Happy Holidays. See you in 2009.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The first half of the show was devoted to the defining element of my week: stress. If you are in school, I'm sure you are stressed too. Or maybe you work in retail, causing you to hate the consumer-mania which dawns every year in December. Either way, it seemed fitting to channel this busy time of the year into a set about having nervous breakdowns, working all weekend and going insane. It helped me vent a little, and hopefully it made a busy Sunday afternoon a little easier for you.

Next week will probably be my last show of 2008, so you know what that means...lists! Year-end rundowns tend to be a little obnoxious, but I always find myself enjoying seeing other people's opinions on the best records of the year. If you've listened to the show at all this year I doubt my favorites from 2008 will be any sort of shock. And admit it, you have made a secret list in your head (or on your blog) as well.

December: the annual month of stress and retrospection.


Artist - Album - Song
Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown EP - Nervous Breakdown
The Rolling Stones - 19th Nervous Breakdown - 19th Nervous Breakdown
The Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs - The Death of Ferdinand de Saussure *
The Bicycles - The Good, The Bad, and the Cuddly - Homework
Saturday Looks Good to Me - All Your Summer Songs - You Work All Weekend
Minor Threat - Complete Discography - Screaming at a Wall
Ecstatic Sunshine - Way - Perrier
The Beatles - White Album - I'm So Tired
Vivian Girls - s/t - Going Insane
Aids Wolf - Cities of Glass - Cities of Glass
Nail Salon - Rad City (7-Eleven) - Pepsiz
Adventure - s/t - Lordeo **
Crystal Stilts - Alight of Night - Crystal Stilts
The Manhattan Love Suicides - Burnt Out Landscapes - Sycamore Peripheral
Almonds, Cohen - Travel a Fair Distance - Two Friends Old Friends
Belle & Sebastian - BBC Sessions - The State I Am In
Cause Co-Motion! - It's Time! - Who's Gonna Care?

*Request for Blake who was at home doing homework
** Dedicated to Andrea and Caitlin who were at home studying why the connection between the signifier and the signified is arbitrary

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Carload of Whatever is now an hour and a half. Louis & Gimmie Gimmie Octopus have left Sunday Surprise and moved to the Saturday 3 30 to 5 slot. Gumdrops & Lollipops and I have absorbed his show by taking on an extra half hour each. G&L is now from 2 - 3 30 and Carload of Whatever is now from 3 30 to 5.

I think it is going to take a week or two to get back into the groove of doing an hour and a half show again. The good news (at least in my mind) is that there is more time each week for stranger and longer tracks that I usually can't fit in. The bad news is there is more opportunity for bad tracks to sneak into the playlist. This week I cite the Of Montreal and Parts & Labor tracks as examples of the dangers of an extra half hour - blehhhh.


Artist - Album - Song
Vaselines - The Way of the Vaselines - Teenage Superstars
Of Montreal - Skeletal Lamping - Triphallus to Punctuate
Manhattan Love Suicides - Burnt Out Landscapes - Jonny Boy
Parts and Labor - Receivers - Nowheres Nigh
The Feelies - Only Life - Away
Television - Marquee Moon - Prove It
Benoit Pioulard - Temper - Sweep Generator
Benoit Pioulard - Temper - Golden Grin
Department of Eagles - In Ear Park - Teenagers
Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid - NYC - Departure
Mutators - Secret Life - Trick Animals
dd/mm/yyyy - 777" - Vantan
dd/mm/yyyy - 777" - X-Factor
Frog Eyes - 7" Split - Policy Merchant
Mt Eerie with Julie Doiron and Fred Squire - Lost Wisdom - Voice in Headphones
Destroyer - Trouble in Dreams - My Favorite Year

Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's been busy so I didn't update last week. I lost last week's playlist in all the band coming and going confusion. The playlist wasn't really all that exciting, but the show was quite fun. Andrea, Louis and I combined for a special 3-hour Sunday Surprise edition with a live studio session from Prairie Cat and an interview with Hot Panda. If you missed it and were interested in listening, I'll post both interviews on here when I get some free time (I don't have that right now). The Bicycles were planning on stopping by as well, but unfortunately missed their ferry. Next time...

Andrea and I put on our 10th all ages show last Sunday night, appropriately with the band that kicked off our unplanned foray into all-ages show promotion two years ago. It was fun. Maybe you were there too?

There is a fun event this Saturday night. Recyclistas is having its fifth birthday party, and to mark the occasion are having a party at the shop, complete with bike race and band fun. Cobras Cobras Cobras, Candles, 'It It and Great Wood Chipper are playing. Woah man.

I was in Vancouver last week and saw Deerhunter and Times New Viking play. It was extremely loud and I enjoyed every moment. Were you there? Was the bass player on drugs? Has their new guitarist been practicing being a rock star since she was small?

Other questions: is Penny Rimbaud a good poet? His role on the new Japanther record boggles my mind. Someone defend him so I can understand it better.


Artist - Album - Song
Times New Viking - Stay Awake EP - Call and Respond
dd/mm/yyyy - 777 - Jackpot
dd/mm/yyyy - 777 - Super VGF
Aids Wolf - Cities of Glass - General
Belle & Sebastian - BBC Sessions - Lazy Jane
Lou Reed - Berlin: Live at St Ann's Warehouse - Caroline Says Pt II
Dirty Projectors - The Glad Fact - Naked We Made It
Cause Co-Motion! - It's Time! - Only Fades Away
Cause Co-Motion! - It's Time! - Baby Don't Do It
Cause Co-Motion! - It's Time! - This Just Won't Last
Nail Salon - Rad City (7-Eleven) - Tape Deckz
Balacade - Sundown Morning - Satellite City
Japanther - Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt - Bloated Corpse
Japanther - Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt - Africa Seems So Far Away

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I feel like I played more songs than I wrote down... I guess they were all a little longer than usual. Is something missing??

I was a little concerned about what I was going to play on the show this week, but a whole slew of really great new releases made my job quite easy. I particularly enjoyed that Crystal Stilts song I played. I am listening to the rest of the record right now and it is all quite moody and dark, with nice little pop hooks buried under the mess. This one is good!

Next week a bunch of bands are coming to the station and taking over Gimmie Gimmie Octopus, Gumdrops and Lollipops and Carload of Whatever. They might even play some songs! I'm not entirely sure who is coming right this moment, but I will update on here once it is all sorted out. The visit is connected to a show going on later that night:

Andrea and Ryan Presents

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Bicycles!
Hot Panda
Prairie Cat
The Secret World of Animals

All Ages! at Camas Book and Infoshop (Quadra & Kings)
Doors at 7 30.

Bicycles are on tour from Toronto and are making their big return to Victoria after a fun ol' time two years ago. More info here or you could look it up on Ffffacebook.


Artist - Album - Song
No Age - Weirdo Rippers - Every Artist Needs a Tragedy
Tradition - s/t - Before the Altar
Benoit Pioulard - Temper - Ahn
Crystal Stilts - Alight the Night - The Dazzled
Lou Reed - Berlin: Live at St Ann's Warehouse - Sweet Jane
Times New Viking - Stay Awake EP - Call and Respond
Deerhunter - Microcastle - Cover Me (slowly)
Deerhunter - Microcastle - Agoraphobia
Desolation Wilderness - White Light Strobing - Come Over in Your Silver Car
Aids Wolf - Cities of Glass - Tied Up In Paper

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Two hours this week because I filled in for Gumdrops & Lollipops. I always play Beat Happening when I fill in for G&L. I didn't mean to play three songs though! Midnight a Go-Go just sneaks up on you. I guess playing songs off vinyl requires more concentration than I was giving it, but I don't think anyone was complaining.

Minutia: Cat Walk was the first Beat Happening song I ever heard.

Also, woah! There is a new Japanther record coming out. Well, it is sort of already out. Somehow they snuck that one past me. You can find it on Wantage Records. It's called Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt. Can you believe it?!

Also, rock show in a church this Wednesday:



Artist- Album - Song
Magnetic Fields - Distortion - Please Stop Dancing
Beat Happening - Jamboree - Cat Walk
Beat Happening - Jamboree - Drive for a Girl
Beat Happening - Jamboree - Midnight a Go-Go
No Kids - Come into my House - For Halloween
The Macadamia Brothers - Tomatoey Plates EP - Misplaced Footwear
Karl Blau - Nature's Got Away - Mockingbird Diet
The Feelies - Only Life - It's Only Life
High Places - S/T - Golden
Chad Van Gaalen - Soft Airplane - Molten Light
Sta-Prest - 7" - Form Fitting
Vivien Girls - S/T - Damaged
Almonds, Cohen - Ontario (on stereo)! - Cat Bird Girl


Artist - Album - Song
Cobras Cobras Cobras - Today! Tomorrow! - Havana Affair
Cap'n Jazz - Analphabetapolothology - Little League
Mt. Royal - Mad Foxes - Come On
Joy Division - Substance - No Love Lost
Jay Reatard - Matador Singles '08 - Screaming Hand
The Music Tapes - Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes - Majesty
Tindersticks - The Hungry Show - The Hungry Show
The Replacements - I Will Dare (Single) - I Will Dare
Japanther - Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt - Bumpin' Rap Tapes
Japanther - Dump the Body in Rikki Lake - Pleased to Meet You
Royal Trux - Cats and Dogs - Teeth
Deerhoof - Offend Maggie - Eaguru Guru
Misfits - Walk Among Us - Skulls

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm filling in for Andrea this Sunday because she is off to her annual Youth Fessst in the interior of BC. Two hours for me. 3-5. See you there. I'll bring the Hair Police.


Artist - Album - Song
Deerhoof - Offend Maggie - Snoopy Waves
Jay Reatard - Matador Singles '08 - I'm Watching You
Double Dagger - Ragged Rubble - The Psychic
Think About Life - 12" EP - Cyanide
Think About Life - 12" EP - Devil Is King
Cause Co-Motion! - Who's Gonna Care 7" EP - Who's Gonna Care?
The Cure - Boys Don't Cry - Jumping Someone Else's Train
The Music Tapes - Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes - Minister of Longitude
Pixies - Live in Minneapolis: 2004-04-03 - Wave of Mutilation ****
Vivian Girls - s/t - Never See Me Again
Vivian Girls - s/t - Where Do You Run To
Deerhunter - Microcastle - Never Stops
Pompey - Brother Sister Records Compilation - Fifty Gallon Drum
Abe Vigoda - Skeleton - Live-Long

**** Marks requests

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thanks to Andrea for (once again) filling in for me last weekend. I went home for Thanksgiving and it was foggy. Eric took this picture.

This week I put the Crystal Antlers and Marnie Stern records up for debate. I feel like both are records I should really like. They both draw from bands and sounds that I would site as influences. Still, on first listen I was pretty turned off by both of the records. I gave them a second chance on the show.

Crystal Antlers did not pass on the second round. I find them uninspiring. People have been really into their new EP, but I'm certainly missing something there. Tell me what I'm missing?

The Marnie Stern on the other hand, is totally crazy. It is noisy and melodic and dense. It sounds like a Deerhoof record being playing over a Hella record. I think it is overwhelming, but there is enough good stuff in there to keep me listening to it.


I also played two new records that I have been really looking forward to: Deerhunter and Deerhoof. It can be confusing if you are unfamiliar with the bands, as their names are so similar, and by some coincidence their records tend to come out around the same time as each other. Both records are really good. I have only had time to listen to each a few times through, but I can already envision them topping many people's end of year favorite lists.

Next week I'll play the A-side of the Think About Life 12" EP. The B-side might be better though. Maybe..

Also, for fun in Victoria this week, you could go to Logan's Pub on Wednesday night to drink and dance to Colourbook and Listening Party. The show is being put on by Ditch, and is a sort of tour send off for Listening Party before they head off to support Wolf Parade on their stateside tour. It's probably going to be fun.


Artist - Album - Song:
Vivian Girls - Vivian Girls - All the Time
Panda Bear - Person Pitch - Ponytail
Broken Social Scene - Feel Good Lost - I Slept with Bonhomme at the CBC
Crystal Antlers - s/t EP - A Thousand Eyes
Marnie Stern - This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That - Ruler
Deerhunter - Microcastle - Agoraphobia
Deerhoof - Offend Maggie - Chandelier Searchlight
Deerhoof - Offend Maggie - Fresh Born
Think About Life - 12" EP - Going Deaf in the Summer
Think About Life - 12" EP - Sea King Take Off
Yo La Tengo - I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One - Autumn Sweater

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I started off in a somewhat noisy direction this week. There has been a bunch of new Vancouver punk/noise releases coming into the station in the past few weeks. Notably, the Emergency Room and Thankless Records (I Ate Your Legs) compilations are full of strange, loud things from Vancouver and offer a great look into that part of the city's music scene.

I also talked about how much I am enjoying the new Music Tapes record. It is strange and eerie and a very beautiful record. Julian Koster apparently spent nine years writing and recording the thing. It sounds like it was recorded in the 1930s, in a haunted house. He is a former member of Neutral Milk Hotel which makes him very cool in my opinion.

I was going to post this video last week, but now is fine. It is Pavement playing Gold Soundz at a show in Germany in 1994, which is very nice! Watch it! I'll be back in two weeks. Enjoy your turkey.


Artist - Album - Song
Spincycle Squared - Out of Touch Records 7" - Dirty Laundry
dd/mm/yyyy - Out of Touch Records 7" - Sell Me Virginity
Shotgun & Jaybird - Out of Touch Records 7" - Minutes Faster
Certain Breeds - I Ate Your Legs: Thankless Records Comp - Street Dogs
Doers - I Ate Your Legs: Thankless Records Comp - Untowards
Hot Loins - 7" - Reminiscent of the Admiration of a Graceful Lady
Deerhoof - Milk Man - Desaparecere
Ponytail - Ice Cream Spiritual - G Shock
Atlas Sound - Another Bedroom EP - It Rained
Karl Blau - Nature's Got Away - Mockingbird Diet
Miracle Fortress - Have You Seen it In Your Dreams 12" - Hanky Panky Nohow
Velvet Underground - A Collection of Previously Unreleased Recordings - Stephanie Says
The Music Tapes - Music for Clouds and Tornados - Tornado Longing for Freedom
Videohippos - Unbeast the Leash - The List

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I went away. I was studying old things in a far away place. Then I got stuck there because an airline went out of business. I'm done that now though.

While I was away Young Lions played their last show (ever?!) because Almonds, Cohen and Lake Country moved away. They'll be back one day. Hopefully.

I've actually been back for three weeks, but things have been busy, so here are all the missed playlists.

Sunday, September 28, 2008:

Artist - Album - Song
Abe Vigoda - Skeleton - Dead City / Waste Wilderness
Abe Vigoda - Skeleton - Bear Face
Barr - Summary - Half of Two Times Two (Newer Version)
High Places - s/t - The Storm
High Places - s/t - The Tree With Lights in It
Final Fantasy - Plays to Please - Ultimatum
Final Fantasy - Spectrum 14th Century - The Butcher
Frog Eyes - Split 7" - Policy Merchant 2
The Music Tapes - Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes - Freeing Song for Reindeer
Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Holland, 1945
Pavement - Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain - Gold Soundz
Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation (Deluxe) - Teenage Riot (Live!)

Sunday, September 21, 2008:

Artist - Album - Song
dd/mm/yyyy - Blue Screen of Death - Culture Industry
Vapid - 7" - Do the Earthquake
Chad VanGaalen - Soft Airplane - Willow Tree
Ohbijou - Swift Feet for Troubling Times - The Woods
Lake Country - Second Old Life Records Compilation - Hard Days Hard Nights
Special Noise - The Year EP - Fun Died
Magic Weapon - s/t EP - Cloudy People
Sunset Rubdown - Snakes Got a Leg - I Know the Weight of Your Throat
No Kids - Come Into My House - Listen for It / Courtyard Music
Think About Life - s/t - Paul Cries
AIDSwolf - Lovvers LP - Panty Mind
Mutators - Emergency Room, Vol 1 - Instinct
dd/mm/yyyy - Blue Screen of Death - Teenageartfagcancerfanclub

Sunday, September 14, 2008:

Artist - Album - Song
AU - Verbs - rr vs. d
Ponytail - Ice Cream Spiritual - Beg Waves
sBACH - sBACH - Track 5
Azeda Booth - In Flesh Tones - Ran
Chad Van Gaalen - Soft Airplane - Cries of the Dead
Woodpigeon - Treasury Library Canada - Knock Knock
Women - s/t - Shaking Hand
Dekeftors - Emergency Room, vol 1 - Burning Light
The Music Tapes - Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornados - Majesty
Tindersticks - The Hungry Saw - The Hungry Saw
Human Highway - Moody Motorcycle - What World

Different Countries

I am far away so the show has been on hold. Gimmie Gimmie Octopus and Gumdrops & Lollipops have taken over my timeslot until I return. This medieval town I'm staying in is cool and all, but not nearly as cool as this:

Good bands! The end of Young Lions? Oh myyyy. I wish I could participate.

Carload of Whatever will be back to normal starting September 7th.

Picture yourself sitting in a baby bed and your one toy, which you have played with, has been ripped out of your hands. My baby toy is Eddie Floyd. The story begins with a heroic tale, a story, which only one man, can tell. Who is that man you ask? Eddie Floyd Its got to be that way, I quote the flyodmister. I was drawn to the vibrant yellow album sleeve a man standing there so heroic and sly. He sang to me Oh baby feel my baby. Sometimes I think the Jesus we say is Jesus is Eddie Floyd. I purchase the album experience, and what an experience it is, my Jesus. Ever been to noodle box its pretty molly ringwald and i'm talking Molly Ringwald breakfast club days. man I would hit that. Some people say that she is past her date but I don’t think so. Red hair damn and the name its like a candy bar that you love. Anyways back to the point. Eddie My Jesus. After a night in Vancouver I travel to a far land I guess some might say its mystic, but I didn’t see any Minox’es anywhere. Have you ever seen a Bantha. Cause I have there was one wailing around like Joes dangler.
This reminds Moe “the excavator” Branford of a poem: brains are for snacks/ pinch the tail and suck the head/ slurp that drippy drink/ remember to mail your Nonna a letter asking for cash/ caves are for bats and man-bats are for snacks. Moe has a bad memory so don’t hold him to it. It’s all circular logic anyways. So pick up your slacks and dance naked in front of a bluescreen – because you haven’t been made love to until you let Eddie Floyd suck on your head.


Artist - Album - Song
Dirty Projectors - The Glad Fact - The Glad Fact
High Places - 03/07 - 09/07 - Freaked Flight (alternate version)
High Places - 03/07 - 09/07 - Canary
Thank You - Terrible Two - Pregnant Friends
Mutators - Split w/ Shearing Pinx - Forever
Mutators - Split w/ Shearing Pinx - Broken Hands
Weird Weeds - I Miss This - Red
Women - s/t - Black Rice
Dixie's Death Pool - Scarlet Lake - Scarlet Lake
Barr - Summary - Context Ender
No Age - Eraser 7" - Don't Stand Still
No Age - Eraser 7" - Male Masterbation
No Age - Eraser 7" - When You Find Out
Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer - An Animal in Your Care

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Next week will be last last show for a little while (2 months?).


Artist - Album - Song:
Mt Royal - Mad Foxes - Come On
Women - s/t - Flashlights
Women - s/t - Shaking Hand
Four Tet - s/t - Ringer
Animal Collective - Water Curses EP - Seal Eyeing
The Pharmacy - Choose Yr Own Adventure - Choose Yr Own Adventure
The Pharmacy - Choose Yr Own Adventure - Mirror
Entire Cities - Deep River - Talkers
High Places - 03/07 - 09/07 - Head Spins (Extended Version)
High Places - 03/07 - 09/07 - Jump In (for Gilkey Elementary School)
The Notwist - The Devil, You + Me - Gloomy Planets
Ok Vancouver Ok - 28 to 29 - Privleges

Rob of Skankster's Paradise was 45 minutes late so I played these things because they were near me (and are all really good):

Royal City - Little Heart's Ease - Bring My Father a Gift
Macadamia Brothers - Cissura EP - George Pocock
Macadamia Brothers - Cissura EP - Kingdom 5KR
Macadamia Brothers - Cissura EP - Iranian Festivals
Macadamia Brothers - Cissura EP - Polycaprolactone
Macadamia Brothers - Cissura EP - DCD (genes)
No Age - most of Nouns

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cool new stuff on the show this week:

! The record is loud and droney and oh-so-good. Recommended for those who liked the new Liars record, or those who like loud and droney. It comes out next Tuesday (July 8th). Calgary! Woah! I'm excited about this band.

Old Life stuff. Old Life Records released a bunch of new Victoria things at the Friend Party on Tuesday. The long awaited 7-inches were released at the show and nearly all sold out that night. If you want one you better get on it quick. I played a tune off the Young Lions 7" bonus CD. I also played part of the Macadamia Brothers / Lake Country split tape. New (old) audio mediums! The split is a part of a recycled split tape series that Old Life will release throughout the Summer.

Luke filmed the whole show*. You can watch it all here.


Artist - Album - Song:
Think About Life - s/t - The Blue Sun
Miracle Fortress - Watery Grave - Forgiven
Tradition - s/t - Tradition
The Notwist - The Devil, You + Me - Good Lies
ii - Landlakes - Tropes
Videotape - My Favorite Thing - He the Moon
No Age - Nouns - Ripped Knees
Les Mouches - You're Worth More to Me Than 1000 Christians - Cities Become Less Important
Women - s/t - Lawncare
Women - s/t - Shaking Hand
Young Lions - 7" - Lansdowne
The Macadamia Brothers - Split Tape w/ Lake Country - Finger Time
The Macadamia Brothers - Split Tape w/ Lake Country - If You and I
The Macadamia Brothers - Split Tape w/ Lake Country - So Into You (Live at Camas)

*Except for Cobras. He was eating two-for-none pizza. Ooops.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Today had some noisier, rockier tunes. I particularly enjoyed the Women and Videotape tracks. Women are from Calgary. They play that noisy, psychedelic sort of rock music that doesn't feel the need to go fast. Slow and steady. They played two shows in Victoria last week. I only caught one of them, but woah...they were good. Their debut record comes out in early July on Flemish Eye. I'm excited for it.

Videotape are a band I randomly came across on the CFUV chart release wall. I think their name reminded me of Videohippos so I pulled it out. Like Women, they play lo-fi, reverb-heavy rock tunes. They hail from Ottawa and have just put out their self-released debut record My Favorite Thing. You could check that one out too.

The Old Life Records Friend Party is on Tuesday night. There are 15 Victoria bands playing, each playing one or two songs. It might prove to be a logistical nightmare, but should be a lot of fun. There is an outdoor show/picnic before-hand at 7:30 in the Vic High field. The main event is at Logans and starts right at 10. It's free so you can spend your extra money on beer and cool records.


Artist - Album - Song
Women - s/t - Black Rice
Videotape - My Favorite Thing - Night Lights
Cobras Cobras Cobras - Second Old Life Compilation - Dogcatcher
Hidden Cameras - Mississauga Goddam - The Fear is On
Katie Stelmanis - Join Us - Broken
Cause Co-Motion! - Who's Gonna Care 7" - Who's Gonna Care?
Times New Viking - Rip It Off - My Head
Yo La Tengo - Fakebook - The Summer
Pterodactyl - s/t - Esses
Infinite Body - Split with Emaciator - Split Excerpt
Mauled by Tigers - Dead Dog - Dead Dog, I'll Miss ICU
Ecstatic Sunshine - Love & Circuits: Cardboard Records Compilation - Crystal in the Sky
Necking - Love & Circuits: Cardboard Records Compilation - Swinging Ear
Young Lions - First Old Life Compilation - Bass Drum *****
Mr Baby - Love & Circuits: Cardboard Records Compilation - A Death in the Family

***** Marks your requests

Sunday, June 15, 2008

That Ecstatic Sunshine track was long!


Artist - Album - Song
Saturday Looks Good to Me - All Your Summer Songs - Meet Me By The Water
Stefana Fratila - Victory Square - Mes Fantomes Gries
The Blankket - Be Your Own Boss - I'm On Fire
Animal Collective - Water Curses - Water Curses
Ecstatic Sunshine - Way - Perrier
Dirty Projectors - Rise Above - Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
Joan of Arc - Boo Human - Laughter Reflected Back
No Age - Nouns - Things I Did When I Was Dead
SS Cardiacs - Out of Touch Records 7" - Oh No!
Play Guitar - Out of Touch Records 7" - Where They At?
Special Noise - Out of Touch Records 7" - Blue Bike
Spincycle Squared - Out of Touch Records 7" - Dirty Laundry
dd/mm/yyyy - Out of Touch Records 7" - Sell Me Virginity
Shotgun & Jaybird - Out of Touch Records 7" - Minutes Faster

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Andrea was at Music Waste in Vancouver so I took over Gumdrops & Lollipops this Sunday. We have been alternating fill-ins for one another over the past month or so, but I think we will be back to the regular flow of things by next weekend. As usual, I tried to stick closer to the indie pop mandate of G&L. I hope you enjoyed the Stefana Fratila tracks I played. She was in town on Friday night opening for Aleks + the Ramps and Ok Vancouver Ok. I’m sure that everyone that was at the show enjoyed her set as much as I did. Stefana and her band mates are from Vancouver. This was their first gig in Victoria and hopefully they can make it back soon. You can check out her music here.

Also making their Victoria (and Canadian debut) on Friday night was Aleks + the Ramps, all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Apparently some of the residents of Fairfield were not as excited about Aleks + the Ramps' music as everyone in the audience was. Unfortunately, noise complaints had to cut their set short, but that short set really was amazing. They head off to Toronto on Wednesday for a few NXNE show, followed by a mini tour of Ontario and Quebec. Hopefully they all decide to come back to Canada soon. Here is a sample (from an Australian gig) of how fun their live show is, complete with choreographed dance introduction.

The Ramps inspired me to do an all Melbourne hour on Carload of Whatever this week. I really am pretty out of touch with the Australian music scene, but I got a sort of crash course in it from the Ramps this weekend. All the members of the band seem to be quite involved in other Melbourne projects, so it was really easy to delve into the Melbourne music scene. Jon Tjhia (of the Ramps) gave me a couple CDs, which made up the majority of the show. He is also a member of the group ii. ii are an experimental, ambient group who have just put out their amazing debut record landlakes. If you like strange, droney music as much as I do I highly recommend checking them out. You can find landlakes through Sydney's Feral Media. I hope you enjoyed some of the tracks in the all Melbourne playlist this week.

Vincat are making their grand return home from an extensive cross Canada tour this weekend. To mark the occasion they are playing two shows...an all ages party on Friday night at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, and a bar show on Saturday night at Lucky. Both shows are with Edmonton's Hot Panda (who just signed to Mint Records!). Young Lions are opening the all ages show, fresh from an appearance at Music Waste. This will be fun.

Friday, June 13
Vincat, Hot Panda, Young Lions at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship (2124 Chambers st at Princess Ave - map here) - 7 PM - ALL AGES!

Saturday, June 14
Vincat, Hot Panda at Lucky Bar - 8 to 10:30 PM - 19+


Gumdrops and Lollipops playlist:

Artist - Album - Song
Beach House - Beach House - Saltwater
Watercolour Paintings - Get Out of the Way or a Whale Will Swallow You - Happyships
Greenbelt Collective - Our Homes - This Hill Used to be a Valley
Almonds, Cohen - Ontario (on Stereo!) - Cleveland Family Fued
Vincat - Inner Space EP - Rocketship Construction
Hot Panda - Whale Headed Girl - Chinatown Bus
Stefana Fratila - Victory Square - Hello, Lady Reed
Stefana Fratila - Victory Square - I Dissect, You Progress
Ok Vancouver Ok - The Balcony - The Balcony
Ok Vancouver Ok - I Get So Drunk About Songs About Love - I Get So Drunk About Songs About Love

Carload of Whatever playlist:


Artist - Album - Song
Aleks + the Ramps - Canada Tour EP 2008 - Hey Owl
Denim Owl - Demo - I'm on Fire
ii - Landlakes - We Ate Everyone
Pompey - Brother Sister Records Compilation - Fifty Gallon Drum
Inquiet - Brother Sister Records Compilation - Fresh Flesh
Holland - Brother Sister Records Compilation - Random Pop
Directorsound - Brother Sister Records Compilation - Before the March
Drama for Yamaha - EP - No More Ease
The Motifs - Matches EP - For a Clear Day
Flying Scribble - Vessels - Don't Follow Me
Barrage - Hero or Dirt? - Hour of Pink Dominoes
Scissors for Sparrow - Demo - Pitter Pattern

Fill ins

Andrea and I keep coming and going it seems. I am doing two hours this Sunday, filling in for Gumdrops & Lollipops, and then doing my regular hour. I have a stack of new Australian things to play.

I'm also filling in for The Action Index on Thursday from 6 30 to 8. Breaking out of the Sunday afternoon slot...Woah.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I filled in for Gumdrops and Lollipops this week as Andrea could not make it. Being an indie-pop show, I tried to play some indie-pop in the hour. Usually when I fill in for Andrea I end up playing a Beat Happening song, a Belle & Sebastian song, a Tullycraft song and a Magnetic Fields song. I like doing that. I feel like I can diverge a little from my usual program where I try to play "newer" stuff and just play some tried and true hits. Smash hits.

In the hour we talked a bit about the Sub Pop 20th anniversary. The Vaselines are reuniting to play this event, after over 15 years of inactivity. This will also be their first ever American gig. The festival takes place just outside Seattle on July 12th and 13th. Wolf Parade, No Age and Eric's Trip are also playing, amongst many others. More info can be found here.

I also talked about a festival happening the following weekend in Anacortes, called What the Heck Fest. From their site: "What The Heck Fest will be an assortment of musical performances, meals, movies, accidental happenings, lake swimmings, friend makings, and etc." Some acts playing are Ô Paon (Genevieve Castre / Wolev), Mount Eerie, Calvin Johnson, the Blow, D+, Karl Blau, and a bunch of other names I don't recognize, but I'm sure are fantastic. I think this will be my festival visit for the summer. The whole go outside in a big hot field with thousands of people to watch hundreds of bands on multiple stages play twenty-minute sets kind of festival doesn't really appeal to me. I think the organizers of festivals like Track & Field in Guelph, Over the Top in Toronto and What the Heck have a good thing going by focusing on smaller scale events. This is what I envision for Victoria one day. Maybe next summer's project...

Gumdrops and Lollipops Playlist:

Artist - Album - Song
Think About Life - s/t - Fireworks
The Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs - The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side
The Vaselines - The Way of the Vaselines: A Complete History - Molly's Lips
Saturday Looks Good to Me - Fill Up the Room - Even if you Die on the Ocean
Beat Happening - You Turn Me On - Noise
Tullycraft - Every Scene Needs a Centre - Georgette Plays a Goth
Belle & Sebastian - Dear Catastrophe Waitress - I'm a Cuckoo
Greenbelt Collective - Our Homes - Car Planet
Ok Vancouver Ok - I Get So Drunk About Songs About Love - Canchor Anchor
The Weird Weeds - I Miss This - Red
Shapes and Sizes - Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner - Victory in War
Vincat - Inner Space EP - Rocketship Construction


I think I broke my record for most songs played in one hour on Carload of Whatever this week. This was partially from me feeling talked-out after the first hour, but the second half of the show was made up of quick 2-minute songs which also helped.

dd/mm/yyyy are playing in Victoria on June 5 opening for Crystal Castles. That will be crazy.

The second half of the show probably would have worked better as a whole hour. I ran out of time at the end, but the idea was to play two songs each from bands with two members who make similar sounding noisy songs. With the exception of Speical Noise, all these bands know each other and have played and toured together. Some of these artists frequently find spots on Carload of Whatever playlists, but playing a whole bunch of these songs in a row was really fun and I think made for a good show. Plus, the new No Age record is really, really good. Two-person bands!

Carload of Whatever Playlist:

Artist - Album - Song
Lake Country - Second Old Life Records Compilation - Hard Days Hard Nights
The Macadamia Brothers - Second Old Life Records Compilation - Kingdom 5KR
Deerhunter - Fluorescent Grey EP - Fluorescent Grey
Animal Collective - Water Curses - Water Curses
dd/mm/yyyy - Are They Masks? - White Lines

High Places - Ancient Almanac 7" - Head Spins
High Places - Demo - Golden
Japanther - s/t 7" - 1 to 10
Japanther - Skuffed up my Huffy - River Phoenix
No Age - Nouns - Miner
No Age - Nouns - Eraser
Video Hippos - Unbeast the Leash - Narwhals
Video Hippos - Unbeast the Leash - Downfall
Special Noise - The Year EP - Fun Died

...also, I won't be here next week. Andrea will be there in my place.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I haven't been all that busy lately, but for some reason I have been having a hard time updating this page. I've been trying to learn some Italian. I've been making pasta salad. I've been sitting in Beacon Hill Park. I'll try to update this more frequently, but I have a feeling that the summertime makes people less inclined to read blogs, as I become less inclined to update mine. However...the summertime seems like a good time to listen to the radio!

This week's show was really great. Laura Barrett stopped by the studio and we spent the entire hour talking about her kalimba project, among other things. She played a bunch of songs for us as well. I have it recorded and I will post it soon (hopefully). Laura told me that it is fine to post the songs, so you will be able to download the interview as well as the session recordings.

Hopefully you made it out to Laura's show on Sunday night at Camas. I believe her music needs to be seen to understand really how talented she is. The Macadamia Brothers' debut performance was equally spectacular and No Gold really blew me away as I had no idea what they sounded like before the show. They make you dance. I hope they can come back soon.

I'm filling in for Andrea this week so Carload of Whatever will be a special 2-hour show from 3-5 PM. Call in and make requests. I'll try to fit in some indie-pop for the G&L fans.

Next fun event:

Friday, June 6th:
Aleks and the Ramps (all the way from Australia)
Stefana Fratila

at Con Brio Music (May and Moss) at 8 PM.

There are some other fun ideas in the works for that night, mostly involving a park and a kitchen, but also maybe bikes.

Does anyone have any pictures from the Laura Barrett show on Sunday night?

I went away....

...but now I am back. Thanks a lot to Troy of the Action Index and Blake & Simon of Beating Around the Bush for filling in for me once again on such short notice.

This Sunday Laura Barrett will be joining me on the show for an interview and live studio performance. Laura Barrett is a classically trained musician, currently focusing on a solo kalimba project. I have seen her play several times in Toronto and have always been blown away by her performance. Laura is also a member of the Hidden Cameras and Henri Faberge & the Adorables. Her debut recording, the Earth Sciences EP was recently re-released by Paper Bag records and she has just finished up a brand new full length. Tune in! It will be lots of fun!

Laura Barrett will be playing an all ages show on Sunday night after she stops by CFUV. The show is taking place at Camas Book and Info Shop at Quadra and Kings and is a part of Laura's cross-Canada tour. Also performing will be No Gold who are visiting from Vancouver, as well as a debut performance from Victoria's the Macadamia Brothers. You don't want to miss it! Doors are at 7:30 and the show will start at 8:30 sharp. Bring your friends!

Just to reiterate:

LAURA BARRETT, No Gold and The Macadamia Brothers - Sunday, May 18 at Camas Book and Info Shop (at Quadra & Kings), doors at 7:30, show at 8:30!

Also...on the right there is a link to some old interviews I have done on the show.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Today was pretty straight-forward. Not too much talking on my part meant I got more songs in than I usually do. I got into some new stuff from Destroyer and the Constantines, as well as some old stuff from Dinosaur Jr and Joan of Arc. Nothing too weird.

There are some fun things going on in Victoria this upcoming week:

April 24
Colourbook, Ghosts, Vincat at Logan's Pub, $5

April 25
The Blankket, Blanck, Almonds, Cohen at Camas Bookstore, $5, doors at 8

The Blankket is the solo project from Steve Kado. Steve is a founder of the Blocks Recording Club, as well as a member/former member of Ninja High School, The Hidden Cameras, Lenin I Shumov, Barcelona Pavillion, Germans, Jon-Rae and the River, and a few others that I cannot remember. He is a crazy person to watch perform. To quote Bob Wiseman, "The show will be good. It will be intense." The show also doubles as a sort of Old Life Records Compilation release party. Look at Cody's nice poster.

Tune in next week as I should have an interview with Steve to air for you.


Artist - Album - Song
Kevin Drew - Spirit If... - Farewell to the Pressure Kids
Vermicious Knid - Smalltown Devotion / Hometown Compulsion - Glowing Boys
Destroyer - Trouble in Dreams - Blue Flower / Blue Flame
The Constantines - Kensington Heights - Shower of Stones
Baby Eagle - Baby Eagle - Let Wander Your Restless Heart
Shotgun & Jaybird - Trying to Get Somewhere - Lovers of the World Be on Time Tonight
Dinosaur Jr - Bug - Budge
Times New Viking - Rip It Off - Teen Drama
Videohippos - Unbeast the Leash - Narwhals
Beach House - Devotion - Astronaut
Joan of Arc - A Portable Model of - The Hands
Hidden Cameras - Mississauga Goddam - Music is my Boyfriend
Rural Alberta Advantage - EP - Rush Apart
Woodhands - Heart Attack - Breaking Up

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weird. Droney. Boring. Annoying. That's what the show was today. I enjoyed getting into some of the stuff that doesn't always fit in my show. Annoying is how most people I've talked to described the hour. Just be happy I ran out of time to get into Hair Police and Peter Brötzmann.

Still, I don't think this playlist was really all that weird. Sure, a 45-minute symphony of computer printers, or a lecture about a song is not exactly pop music, but I think all the stuff on here is exciting and interesting to listen to. It can be a challenge, but I think it can also be rewarding.

I guess I've just become a little disillusioned with my show and playing what feels like the same old thing each week. Apologies if the show was a struggle to listen to, but I hope you at least found something exciting in there. Perhaps putting everything strange together into one hour isn't the best way to go about playing these artists.


Artist - Album - Song
The User - Symphony #2 For Dot Matrix - Track 11
Barr - Beyond Reinforced Jewel Case - Lights Out
The Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs - Experimental Music Love
Collapsing Opposites - Music and Words - Words
Deep Dark United - Ancient - Nun or a Bawd
PDF Format - Demo - God Only Knows 64
AIDSwolf - Lovers LP - The Hat Collector
Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid - The Exchange Session Vol. 1 - Electricity and Drum Will Change Your Mind
Spencer! - Live - Radio Canada Hulla Ballu
Bob Wiseman - The Legend - Buster

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Artist - Album - Song
Magic Weapon - Residue Hymns - Charles (the Red One)
Shapes and Sizes - Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner - Teller / Seller
Atlas Sound - Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel - River Card
Why? - Alopecia - A Sky for Shoeing
Ecstatic Sunshine - Freckle Wars - Freckle Wars
Xiu Xiu - Women as Lovers - Under Pressure
Ok Vancouver Ok - I Get So Drunk About Songs About Love - Love's So Great!
High Places - Love and Circuits: Carboard Records Compilation - Canary
Maps and Atlases - Love and Circuits: Carboard Records Compilation - Song for Ghosts to Haunt to
Woelv - Tout Sans...... - Reconciliation
Woodhands - Heart Attack - Be Back Soon
Bocce - Hi Birdbear / Can't Reason Do It
Liars - Liars - Pure Unevil

Sunday, March 30, 2008

On Easter Sunday I sat down with Bob Wiseman for breakfast and an interview. Bob has for years been one of my favorite musicians to watch perform. His over 20 years worth of experience in the Canadian music scene also makes for an interesting interview. Bob and I talked about touring with Feist, his days in Blue Rodeo, the Blocks Recording Club and being a member of the Hidden Cameras. You can download the interview in three parts here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Bob's new live record The Legend is now available at his shows, or through the Blocks mail order. As I said last week, The Legend is a great example of how enjoyable a Bob Wiseman show is. The artwork is courtesy of the Toronto Punch Clock Collective.

On the show today I also talked about a new poll being conducted by CBC Radio 3 asking "What is the best independent record store in Canada?" A round of public submissions has been compiled into a list of eligible stores across Canada. On April 19th (which is apparently International Record Store Day) the poll results and "winner" will be announced.

Now, I've been to several of the stores on the list in various cities and it leaves me wondering how could the votes not just come down to city population? In general, most of the record stores on this list are great shops with strikingly similar selections. I guess what it really comes down to is sentimental value of a shop - that and its staff. From what I can gather, it looks like it is a battle between Rotate This, Soundscapes, both in Toronto, and Zulu Records in Vancouver. These would sort of be the obvious choices for the winner of this poll. After scanning through the nearly 250 comments on the CBC Radio 3 site, I only came across two mentions of Victoria's Ditch Records, with the overwhelming majority favoring the mentioned shops in Toronto and Vancouver.

Obviously the poll is just for fun, and the "winner" really represents how many people have been to a shop rather than how good it is. Still, it is cool to look at the list of independent record shops operating across Canada and I am interested to see how the poll pans out. I'm hoping for an underdog victory. I voted for Ditch. Maybe you will too.

You can see the list and vote here.


The list has been narrowed down to a top 20. You can see that list and vote here.


Artist - Album - Song
Bob Wiseman - It's True - What's Wrong With This Picture?
Bob Wiseman - Theme and Variations - Who Am I?
Bob Wiseman - It's True - Fluke Fluke Fluke
Bob Wiseman - The Legend - Luisa
Woodhands - Heart Attack - Dancer
Vincat - I Like Their Older Stuff Better - Aberdeen

Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter if it is your thing. Enjoy it; it won't be this early again for another 220 years.

I apologize again to anyone tuning in hoping to hear a Bob Wiseman interview. The station was all locked up for the holiday so I couldn't get the interview edited in time for the show. I'll definitely have it on the air next week. I picked up Bob's new live record The Legend at his show last night and played a few tracks off that to fill the void. The Legend is a live recording of a show Bob did in Halifax in 2004ish. I would highly reccomend it to any Bob Wiseman fan. There is just something about it...the banter...the crowd interaction...something that makes it a really enjoyable thing to listen to, though it only begins to capture how entertaining Bob's live show is.

High Places!


Artist - Album - Song
Bob Wiseman - The Legend - Buster
Bob Wiseman - It's True - Born to Love You
Bob Wiseman - The Legend - Henry Moore Room
The Phonemes - There's Something We've Been Meaning to Do - Easter Suit
The Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs - Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits
Deerhoof - Friend Opportunity - Choco Fight
High Places - ???? - Shared Islands
Joy Division - The Complete BBC Recordings - Insight
Beach House - Devotion - Wedding Bell
The Macadamia Brothers - L'Effort - Aaargh Annual III
Laura Barrett - Earth Sciences EP - Smells Like Nirvana
Japandroids - Lullaby Death Jams - No Allegiance to the Queen
Henri Faberge & the Adorables - S/T - Dance Dance Revelation

Sunday, March 16, 2008


In an effort to keep things interesting today was a theme show all about Maryland's most populous center. A city I really knew nothing about, nor had any interest in, after digging into it a bit it quickly became clear that Baltimore has a really active art scene. I ran out of time and probably could do another hour playing bands out of the city, but on the whole I really enjoyed the bands I came across while putting this show together.

I cheated a bit at the end with Animal Collective and BARR. They USED to live in Baltimore, so it still counts. They all used to play in a band called Automine, but unfortunately it seems quite difficult to come across those recordings.

Tune in next week as I will have an interview with Bob Wiseman.


Artist - Album - Song
Beach House - S/T - Saltwater
Ecstatic Sunshine - Freckle Wars - Ramontana
Dan Deacon - Spiderman of the Rings - Wham City
Video Hippos - Unbeast the Leash - Narwbals
Double Dagger - Ragged Rubble - The Psychic
Madagascar - Forced March - A Brief Stroll - The Velvet Parasol
Thank You - Terrible Two - Namen
Animal Collective - Sung Tongs - Kids on Holiday
BARR - Summary - Context Ender
Animal Collective - Here Comes the Indian - Panic ****

****Request for Sves!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Carload of Whatever successfully raised $280, $125 over my show goal! A huge thanks to Eric, Troy, Anne, Blake and my folks for dialing and donating during the hour.

In all the fundrive excitement I forgot to record my playlist. It really wasn't anything out of the ordinary, so it's no big loss. Instead lets talk about Victoria show rumors....

The Blankket
in April!

Laura Barret
in May!

Katie Stelmanis in June!

You know, these are just things I've heard, but I'm hoping they all happen.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Eric joined me in the studio again for a pretty entertaining show (then he took a picture). Andrea got in on the banter action and we found some space in the hour for the Strokes and Weezer. Eric and I unveiled the Carload of Whatever theme song which was played for the first and last time ever.

Some shows this week:

Friday, March 7th
Dylan Thomas & Your Vancouver Vipers, Balacade, Young Lions at Solstice Cafe. 7 bucks, show at 8.

Saturday, March 8th
Vincat Innerspace Release Party with Vincat, Run Chico Run, Candles and Hank Pine at Open Space. 10 bucks (though apparently less if dressed in a space suit), doors at 7. There will also be an art installation and film screening.

Both shows are all ages so let's all go!

Also, Old Life Records has put out a call for songs to fill the new compilation. Get on itt.


Artist - Album - Song
Using Projection Technology for Good Not Evil - Top 40 Hits - Secret Bonus Track
Hank! - Venning '91 - Lakeshore Report Diluted: Sources
Times New Viking - Rip It Off - Drop Out
The Blankket - Be Your Own Boss - I'm On Fire
Atlas Sound - Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel - River Card
Liars - S/T - What Would They Know
Unicorns - Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? - Tuff Ghost
The Strokes - Is This It? - Soma
Weezer - Pinkerton - Tired of Sex
Xiu Xiu - Women as Lovers - F.T.W.
Pavement - Slanted and Enchanted - Summer Babe
Saturday Looks Good to Me - Fill Up the Room - Hands in the Snow
Anagram - Split 12" - Manic Indulgence
Born Ruffians - Hummingbird - Hummingbird ****

**** Marks your requests (For Steve P.)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A two hour show since Andrea was in Vancouver...Actually, it was a 1 hour 45 minute show because we were late. That was a first. Eric Kaluzny joined me in the studio from Ontario and brought some good (soulful) tunes and banter along with him. He's back on the show this Sunday.

Paper Bag Records just gave a proper release to Laura Barrett's Earth Sciences EP. Laura Barrett plays the kalimba, also known as an African thumb piano. She is a classically trained musician from Toronto and is a member of the Hidden Cameras. She also sings songs about robot ponies and covers Weird Al.

Xiu Xiu covers Freddie Mercury and David Bowie!


Artist - Album - Song
Of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? - The Past is a Grotesque Animal
Video Hippos - Unbeast the Leash - Tooth Sub
Japanther - Dump the Body in Rikki Lake - Critical
Mahjongg - S/T - Those Birds Are Bats
Superfantastics - Choose Your Destination - Turn on Me
The Magnetic Fields - Distortion - Too Drunk to Dream
Beat Happening - You Turn Me On - Noise
Xiu Xiu - Women as Lovers - Under Pressure
Yo La Tengo - I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One - Moby Octopod
Laura Barrett - Earth Sciences EP - Robot Ponies
Final Fantasy - Live - Paris 1919
Constantines - 13 Songs - Arizona
Royal City - Alone at the Microphone - Bad Luck
Jim Guthrie - Now, More than Ever - Problems with Solutions
Brides - Queens - Play Glass
We're Marching On - Argh! Uuggh! Ahhh! - Shithawk
Eddie Floyd - Experience - It's Gotta Be That Way
Why? - The Hollows - Track 2

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I won't be here next week, but the following week I will have a guest host in the studio...


Artist - Album - Song
Deerhoof - Milkman - Desaparecere
The Notwist - Neon Golden - One Step Inside Doesn't Mean you Understand
Xiu Xiu - Women As Lovers - I Do What I Want When I Want
Germans - Cape Fear - No Job
Broken Social Scene - Bee Hives - Hallmark
Sountrack - There Will Be Blood - Proven Lands
Radiohead - In Rainbows - 15 Step
Animal Colective - Sung Tongs - Who Could Win A Rabbit
Woelv - Tout Seul dans la Fort en Plein Jour, Avez-Vous Peur? - Réconciliation
Woelv - Tout Seul dans la Fort en Plein Jour, Avez-Vous Peur? - L' Homme Qui Vient de Marcher Sur une Mine
Sandro Perri - Plays Polmo Polpo - Dreaming
Listening Party - Who Are We Missing? - Boy Scouts Honour
Do Make Say Think - Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn - Horns of a Rabbit

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mostly new records this week, however, I'm mostly excited about the new Woelv (aka Genevieve Castre) record. I think next week will be a theme show, just so things don't get too boring.


Artist - Album - Song
Octopus Project - Hello, Avalanche - Bees Bein' Strugglin'
Ring Snuten - Ta Det Lugnt - Unreleased
Mountain Goats - Heretic Pride - Autoclave
BARR - Summary - Half of Two Times Two
Woelv - Tout Seul dans la Fort en Plein Jour, Avez-Vous Peur? - La Petite Cane Dans La Nappe De Petrole
Beasts & Super Beasts - S/T - Five Fathers Father
Listening Party - Who Are We Missing? - Before the Night
The Flying Museum Band - Pray For... - Civil War
Mahjongg - S/T - Those Birds are Bats
Times New Viking - Rip It Off - My Head
Sonic Youth - Goo - Mote ****
Video Hippos - Unbeast the Leash - Tooth Sub

**** Marks your requests

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hey, those Aaargh Annual Shows are looking pretty fun.

My Woodhands vinyl is scratched which is very disappointing.

For Blake, the best way to get either of the Magic Weapon EPs is off of their site. Ditch used to have the older one, but I haven't seen there is a while.

Photo by Eric Kaluzny.


Artist - Album - Song
Bocce - Hi Birdbear / Can't Reason Do It - Again Again Again Again
White Williams - Smoke - New Violence
Why? - The Hollows - Dntel Remix
Holy Fuck - LP - Royal Gregory
Woodhands - 7" Split - Can't See Straight
Saturday Looks Good to Me - Fill Up The Room - Even If You Die on The Ocean
Magic Weapon - S/T - Cloudy People ****
The Magnetic Fields - Distortion - Old Fools
Patty Boyd - Old Life Records Compilation - Tourist
Swan Lake - Beast Moans - Bluebird
Pressure Cooker - Contents Under Pressure - Eggplant ****
Miracle Fortress - Watery Grave EP - Eschatology

**** Marks requests

Sunday, January 21, 2008

Have you ever been to Manitoba? I had lunch there.

There is a brand new Magnetic Fields record out! I hate the album art. I love the Magnetic Fields though! I can't give a full statement on the record yet as I have not given it a solid listen, but none-the-less this is exciting.


Artist - Album - Song
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever to Tell - Date With the Night
Video Hippos - Unbeast the Leash - Tooth Sub
Brides - Queens - Play Glass
Pixies - Live - Wave of Mutilation
Wolf Parade - Apologies to the Queen Mary - Fancy Claps
Magnetic Fields - Distortion - Too Drunk to Dream
Grizzly Bear - Friend - Knife (CSS Cover)
The Field - From Here We Go Sublime - Everday
Madvilain - Four Tet Remix - Money Folder
Liars - Liars - Freak Out

I hosted the Action Index on Thursday night to help out Troy Lemberg, who has helped me countless times in the past. I know nothing about hardcore, so I decided to revisit some old high school favorites.


Artist - Album - Song
BARR - Summary - The Song is the Single
Barcelona Pavillion - EP - The Maganese
Minor Threat - Complete Discography - Look Back and Laugh
Fugazi - 13 Songs - Bulldog Front
Various - All Your Ears Can Hear - Nomeansno Too Much Dope
Cap'n Jazz - Anal - Little League
Leftover Crack - Mediocre Generica - Nazi White Trash
Refused - The New Noise Theology EP - New Noise
Video Hippos - Unbeast the Leash - Bear Fight
Japanther - Dump the Body in Rikki Lake - Critical
dd/mm/yyyy - Are They Masks? - Mr T Cereal

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Today we took a very brief look at Baltimore near the end of the show. I now realize that I could probably fill an entire show with Baltimore bands (maybe a future show theme). I played two songs off of the Video Hippos debut record which we just got into the station. They are a part of the Wham City collective, along with Dan Deacon and some other Baltimore artists. The Video Hippos record is called Unbeast the Leash and is completely different from what I remember of this band. I saw them play a few years ago and remember being pretty turned off by their sound. This record is more polished and has actual distinguishable songs and is really quite enjoyable from what I've heard so far. Think of a cross between Japanther and Dan Deacon. I recommend it.

We also talked a bit about Joy Division. I saw Control earlier in the week and have been in a very Joy Division mood ever since. I pulled out some old BBC Recordings that Joy Division did with John Peel in January of 1979. If you haven't seen Control I would recommend that as well.

Here's the playlist:

Artist - Album - Song
Magic Weapon - Residue Hymns - Pipe Dreams
Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles - Crank Heart
Nifty - A Sparrow! A Sparrow! - Tinto De Verano
Katie Stelmanis - Join Us - In My Favor
Joy Division - The Complete BBC Recordings - Interview
Joy Division - The Complete BBC Recordings - Insight
Radiohead - BBC Session - Everything in it's Right Place
Video Hippos - Unbeast the Leash - Downfall
Video Hippos - Unbeast the Leash - Tooth Sub
Dan Deacon - Spiderman of the Rings - Crystal Cat
Young Lions - EP? - Landsdowne

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy 2008.

First show of the year for me, but nothing really too special going on in the playlist. Well, at least nothing new. The holiday season is a very slow time for new releases, and we have just hired a new music director at the station so we don't have many new records in right now. The show was two hours since Andrea Wong of Gumdrops and Lollipops had an unfortunate bicycle mishap and needed a last minute fill in. I tried to squeeze some indie pop in there to make up for her absence. She'll be back next week though so don't despair!

Ninja High School called it quits in December so I played a song in honor of their death. Over their relatively short life they put on some of the most insane shows I have ever been to. You know, the type of show where you are having lots of fun while simultaneously fearing for your personal safety. They probably took themselves as far as they could with such a ridiculous group, so their end comes as no real surprise. I think most people probably thought they would have ended it earlier than they did, but regardless the idea of no more shows from Ninja High School is somewhat saddening.

Last night was the first of four Covers for Cause shows here in Victoria and I would say it was quite a success. Who knew that Young Lions were actually a secret Strokes cover band and how can you not enjoy Dreamboat covering a Phil Collins epic? A fun night all around.


Artist - Album - Song
The Constantines - S/T (13 Songs) - Seven AM
Baby Eagle - No Blues - Baby Come on Home
Shotgun and Jaybird - Trying to Get Somewhere - Borrowed Mini Vans
Saturday Looks Good to Me - Fill Up The Room - Hands in the Snow
The Diskettes - Weeknights at Island View Beach - Museum
The Beat Happening - You Turn Me On - Noise
Yo La Tengo - A Smattering of Outtakes and Rarities - Tom Courtnay
The Owls - Daughters and Suns - Welcome to Monday ****
Jenni Omnichord - Cities of Gifts and Ghosts - Nintendo City
Belle and Sebastian - Dear Catastrophe Waitress - I'm a Cuckoo
Dreamboat - S/T - Sunbathin'
Ok Vancouver Ok - I Get So Drunk About Songs About Love - Love's So Great
Brides - Queens - Play Glass
The Rural Alberta Advantage - EP - Death Bridge in Lethbridge
Timber Timbre - Medicinals - There is a Cure
Sandro Perri - Tiny Mirrors - City of Museums
Benoit Pioulard - Fir 7" - Fir
Ninja High School - Young Adults Against Suicide - Shake it Off
dd/mm/yyyy - Are They Masks? - Mr T Cereal
Doseone - Skeleton Repellent - Ebreak
Why? - The Hollows (Single) - The Hollows
Xiu Xiu - The Hollows (Single) - Yo Yo Bye Bye (Why? cover)
The Creeping Nobodies - Split 12" - Sacrosanction
Sonic Youth - The Destroyed Room - Beautiful Plateau

**** Marks your requests