Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hey, those Aaargh Annual Shows are looking pretty fun.

My Woodhands vinyl is scratched which is very disappointing.

For Blake, the best way to get either of the Magic Weapon EPs is off of their site. Ditch used to have the older one, but I haven't seen there is a while.

Photo by Eric Kaluzny.


Artist - Album - Song
Bocce - Hi Birdbear / Can't Reason Do It - Again Again Again Again
White Williams - Smoke - New Violence
Why? - The Hollows - Dntel Remix
Holy Fuck - LP - Royal Gregory
Woodhands - 7" Split - Can't See Straight
Saturday Looks Good to Me - Fill Up The Room - Even If You Die on The Ocean
Magic Weapon - S/T - Cloudy People ****
The Magnetic Fields - Distortion - Old Fools
Patty Boyd - Old Life Records Compilation - Tourist
Swan Lake - Beast Moans - Bluebird
Pressure Cooker - Contents Under Pressure - Eggplant ****
Miracle Fortress - Watery Grave EP - Eschatology

**** Marks requests

Sunday, January 21, 2008

Have you ever been to Manitoba? I had lunch there.

There is a brand new Magnetic Fields record out! I hate the album art. I love the Magnetic Fields though! I can't give a full statement on the record yet as I have not given it a solid listen, but none-the-less this is exciting.


Artist - Album - Song
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever to Tell - Date With the Night
Video Hippos - Unbeast the Leash - Tooth Sub
Brides - Queens - Play Glass
Pixies - Live - Wave of Mutilation
Wolf Parade - Apologies to the Queen Mary - Fancy Claps
Magnetic Fields - Distortion - Too Drunk to Dream
Grizzly Bear - Friend - Knife (CSS Cover)
The Field - From Here We Go Sublime - Everday
Madvilain - Four Tet Remix - Money Folder
Liars - Liars - Freak Out

I hosted the Action Index on Thursday night to help out Troy Lemberg, who has helped me countless times in the past. I know nothing about hardcore, so I decided to revisit some old high school favorites.


Artist - Album - Song
BARR - Summary - The Song is the Single
Barcelona Pavillion - EP - The Maganese
Minor Threat - Complete Discography - Look Back and Laugh
Fugazi - 13 Songs - Bulldog Front
Various - All Your Ears Can Hear - Nomeansno Too Much Dope
Cap'n Jazz - Anal - Little League
Leftover Crack - Mediocre Generica - Nazi White Trash
Refused - The New Noise Theology EP - New Noise
Video Hippos - Unbeast the Leash - Bear Fight
Japanther - Dump the Body in Rikki Lake - Critical
dd/mm/yyyy - Are They Masks? - Mr T Cereal

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Today we took a very brief look at Baltimore near the end of the show. I now realize that I could probably fill an entire show with Baltimore bands (maybe a future show theme). I played two songs off of the Video Hippos debut record which we just got into the station. They are a part of the Wham City collective, along with Dan Deacon and some other Baltimore artists. The Video Hippos record is called Unbeast the Leash and is completely different from what I remember of this band. I saw them play a few years ago and remember being pretty turned off by their sound. This record is more polished and has actual distinguishable songs and is really quite enjoyable from what I've heard so far. Think of a cross between Japanther and Dan Deacon. I recommend it.

We also talked a bit about Joy Division. I saw Control earlier in the week and have been in a very Joy Division mood ever since. I pulled out some old BBC Recordings that Joy Division did with John Peel in January of 1979. If you haven't seen Control I would recommend that as well.

Here's the playlist:

Artist - Album - Song
Magic Weapon - Residue Hymns - Pipe Dreams
Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles - Crank Heart
Nifty - A Sparrow! A Sparrow! - Tinto De Verano
Katie Stelmanis - Join Us - In My Favor
Joy Division - The Complete BBC Recordings - Interview
Joy Division - The Complete BBC Recordings - Insight
Radiohead - BBC Session - Everything in it's Right Place
Video Hippos - Unbeast the Leash - Downfall
Video Hippos - Unbeast the Leash - Tooth Sub
Dan Deacon - Spiderman of the Rings - Crystal Cat
Young Lions - EP? - Landsdowne

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy 2008.

First show of the year for me, but nothing really too special going on in the playlist. Well, at least nothing new. The holiday season is a very slow time for new releases, and we have just hired a new music director at the station so we don't have many new records in right now. The show was two hours since Andrea Wong of Gumdrops and Lollipops had an unfortunate bicycle mishap and needed a last minute fill in. I tried to squeeze some indie pop in there to make up for her absence. She'll be back next week though so don't despair!

Ninja High School called it quits in December so I played a song in honor of their death. Over their relatively short life they put on some of the most insane shows I have ever been to. You know, the type of show where you are having lots of fun while simultaneously fearing for your personal safety. They probably took themselves as far as they could with such a ridiculous group, so their end comes as no real surprise. I think most people probably thought they would have ended it earlier than they did, but regardless the idea of no more shows from Ninja High School is somewhat saddening.

Last night was the first of four Covers for Cause shows here in Victoria and I would say it was quite a success. Who knew that Young Lions were actually a secret Strokes cover band and how can you not enjoy Dreamboat covering a Phil Collins epic? A fun night all around.


Artist - Album - Song
The Constantines - S/T (13 Songs) - Seven AM
Baby Eagle - No Blues - Baby Come on Home
Shotgun and Jaybird - Trying to Get Somewhere - Borrowed Mini Vans
Saturday Looks Good to Me - Fill Up The Room - Hands in the Snow
The Diskettes - Weeknights at Island View Beach - Museum
The Beat Happening - You Turn Me On - Noise
Yo La Tengo - A Smattering of Outtakes and Rarities - Tom Courtnay
The Owls - Daughters and Suns - Welcome to Monday ****
Jenni Omnichord - Cities of Gifts and Ghosts - Nintendo City
Belle and Sebastian - Dear Catastrophe Waitress - I'm a Cuckoo
Dreamboat - S/T - Sunbathin'
Ok Vancouver Ok - I Get So Drunk About Songs About Love - Love's So Great
Brides - Queens - Play Glass
The Rural Alberta Advantage - EP - Death Bridge in Lethbridge
Timber Timbre - Medicinals - There is a Cure
Sandro Perri - Tiny Mirrors - City of Museums
Benoit Pioulard - Fir 7" - Fir
Ninja High School - Young Adults Against Suicide - Shake it Off
dd/mm/yyyy - Are They Masks? - Mr T Cereal
Doseone - Skeleton Repellent - Ebreak
Why? - The Hollows (Single) - The Hollows
Xiu Xiu - The Hollows (Single) - Yo Yo Bye Bye (Why? cover)
The Creeping Nobodies - Split 12" - Sacrosanction
Sonic Youth - The Destroyed Room - Beautiful Plateau

**** Marks your requests