I came across an old recording of a show where I recounted some of my favorite releases from 2006, so I thought it would be worth posting. This is in no particular order and in no way captures all my favorites of 2006, but it serves of a good little recap of the albums that really connected with me that year. Fun facts: All these releases except for one are Canadian. Three of them were released by the bands without any label assistance. Six of the releases are self titled!

Looking at it now this list seems quite narrow in scope but as we now close in on the end of 2007 these albums still continue to impress me, and that is a good sign.

Stupid list in no order what-so-ever:

Artist - Album (Label)
Shapes and Sizes - S/T (Asthmatic Kitty)
Ohbijou - Swift Feet For Troubling Times (Self Released)
Beirut - Gulag Orkestar (Ba Da Bing!)
Final Fantasy - He Poos Clouds (Blocks Recording Club)
Rural Alberta Advantage - EP (Self Released)
Bob Wiseman - Theme and Variation (Blocks Recording Club)
The Hidden Cameras - Awoo (Evil Evil/Arts and Crafts)
Baby Eagle - S/T (Outside Music)
Johnny and the Moon - S/T (Kill Devil Hills)
Magic Weapon - S/T (Self Released)
Sunset Rubdown - Snakes Got a Leg / EP (Global Symphonic)
Think About Life - S/T (alien8)
Bocce - Hi Birdbear / Can't Reason Do It? (Dadmobile)