Sunday, June 28, 2009

Old Lifer Cody Spencer was here last Sunday to talk about the brand new Old Life Compilation. We worked our way through the songs on the new comp, and shared relatively interesting information about each band/artist along the way.

This Sunday be sure to tune into both Gumdrops & Lollipops and Carload of Whatever to hear TWO live in studio performances. G&L will be hosting a live set from My Friend Wallis, a new local tropical band made up of most of Vincat and some of their friends. Carload of Whatever will host an acoustic set from Almonds, Cohen.

My Friend Wallis will be releasing their debut record on Saturday night at the new 16 1/2 space in Fan Tan alley. Also performing that night will be Himalayan Bear and 'It It.

Almonds, Cohen will be playing live on Sunday night at Bayanihan Community Centre along with Iji, Watercolor Paintings and Ruthie & Winfield.

Party time.


Artist - Song (All songs from the Third Old Life Records Compilation):
Almonds, Cohen - Stigmata Cigarette Burns
My Friend Wallis - Free Day!
'It It - Tssawwassen
Onaping Falls - On My Way Home
Cobras Cobras Cobras - Commandon't
The Macadamia Brothers - Gazebo
Blank - Tripe
Bach Cottage - Got a Glock
Lake Country - Basement
Balacade - Ghost Car
Colourbook - Iago to Airline
Public Schools - Beach Road
Ruthie & Winfield - Fiver
Bear's Lair - Fiver
Rory Seydel - Be Welcomed
Stefana Fratila - Small Fists

Deerhunter - Rainwater Cassette Exchange EP - Disappearing Ink
Sunset Rubdown - Dragonslayer - You Go On Ahead
Archivist - Learning To Live on Poison - Jagwagger
Royal City - Royal City - Is This It?
Royal City - Royal City - Bad Luck

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Music Waste was great. The Old Life Party was super great. Tune in next week for a special Old Life Records show. Cody and others (Brock?) will come and talk about the brand new Old Life compilation.


Artist - Album - Song
Lake Country - Tape - I Dreamt You Were a Bug
Lake Country - Tape - Bee's Needs
Woods - Songs of Shame - The Hold
Makeout Videotape - Heat Wave EP - Slush Puppy Love
Makeout Videotape - Heat Wave EP - Coming Up Soon
Double Dagger - More - Helicopter Lullaby
The Vermicious Knid - Smalltown Devotion/Hometown Compulsion - Tour of Truckstops
Blaise Pascal - E-Filter EP - Cates 15
Life Without Buildings - Any Other City - Juno
The Vaselines - Enter the Vaselines - Molly's Lips
The Vaselines - Enter the Vaselines - Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam
Halo Benders - The Rebels Not In - Your Asterisk
Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca - Useful Chamber
Chromatics - After Dark Comp - Hands in the Dark
Deerhoof - Milk Man - Milk Man
The Macadamia Brothers - The Third Old Life Compilation - Gazebo
Almonds, Cohen - Amazing Grass - Two Magpies
Thanksgiving - Cave Days and Moments - (Fleeting) Moments
Tradition - s/t - Before the Altar

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Music Waste is an independent music festival that takes place every June in Vancouver. It began 15 years ago as a protest against corporately sponsored, industry oriented, 'pay-to-apply' festivals, and has since grown into the most interesting music event in the city. Music Waste is locally oriented, with the great majority of bands playing being from Vancouver. This year over 100 bands will play at 25 shows throughout East Vancouver. Passes are only $15! If you find yourself in Vancouver in the next week/weekend, go hang out and get a crash course in all things Vancouver. Lucky for me, I'll be killing the rest of this week in Vancouver. Hopefully I can bring back some new music for the show.

Music Waste info here

If you can't make it to Vancouver, there is a mega-party show happening here in Victoria on Friday night at the Fifty-Fifty:

Slam Dunk (Burrito band)
Mt Royal (From Medicine Hat)
My Friend Wallis (Victoria tropical from Vincat Crystal)
Haunter (From Winnipeg)

All Ages, $6, Doors at 8.

Johnnie is filling in for me this Sunday; see you next week.


Artist - Album - Song
Inquiet - A Fifty Gallon Drum of Savage Customs, Fresh Flesh and Random Pop - Fresh Flesh
Yo La Tengo - Summer Sun - Beach Party Tonight
Atlas Sound - Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel - Recent Bedroom
Lotus Plaza - The Floodlight Collective - Quicksand
Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat - White Light/White Heat
City Center - s/t - Life Was A Problem
City Center - s/t - Gladest
Makeout Videotape - Heat Wave EP - Slush Puppy Love
Mt Royal - Mad Foxes - Come On
Kidnapping - Music Waste Mix Tape - Diamonds From Coal
Tigerhead - Music Waste Mix Tape - Lion
No Gold - 7" - Miami
Grouper - Way Their Crept - Untitled
Lake - Oh, The Places We'll Go - Bad Dream
Think About Life - Family - Set You On Fire
The Dirty Projectors - Single - Stillness is the Move
Deradoorian - Mind Raft - Weed Jam
Almonds, Cohen - Amazing Grass - Acadia