Sunday, July 22, 2007

We had fun this week dancing to Outhud in the studio. A notable selection on the playlist this week was Spencer!, a Toronto based poet who performs his work with an almost hip-hop like delivery. Spencer was the singer/screamer/MC of the now defunct Toronto outfit The Secret Handsnakes. A band I caught several times in their brief yet intense existence in Toronto, I never fully took to their sound but always thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed their live show, mainly due to Spencer's incredible ability with words. Whether it was his re-naming of the band after every song ("We're the Saucy Pancakes from Brantford, Ontario; We're Atlantic Hand Rape from Sudbury, Ontario; We're the Ninja Stars of David from Jerusalum") or just watching him thrash around and fearing for his safety and your own, you knew that The Secret Handsnakes were a very unique band within the sometimes not-so-unique Toronto music scene.

Here's the playlist from this week:

Artist - Album - Song
1. The Acorn - Tin Fist EP - Heirlooms
2. We're Marching On - Argh! Umph! Ahhh! - Hot Heat's, Soaked Streets
3. Telefauna - Bamboo Shoots (Single) - Bamboo Shoots (Radio Mix)
4. Sea & Cake - Everybody - Too Strong ***
5. Paul Duncan - Above the Trees - The Lake pt 2 ***
6. Royal City - Alone at the Microphone - Dank is the Air of Death and Loathing
7. Outhud - Let Us Never Speak of it Again - It's For You
8. Yacht - I Believe in You, Your Magic is Real - Past All 'Em
9. Battles - Mirrored - Rainbow
10. The National - Boxer - Fake Empire
11. Spencer! - Secret Language to the Deaf Ears - I Am
12. Laura Barrett - Earth Sciences EP - Robot Ponies
13. The Phonemes - There's Something We've Been Meaning to Do - Oh Sleep
14. Andre Ethier - On Blue Fog - Good Fortune
15. Lake Country - Old Life Records Compilation - Way Things Go ***
16. Aloe Blacc - Now-Again Re: Sounds Vol 1 - Blind World
17. Yesterday's New Quintet - Yesterdays Universe - Slave Riot

*** Marks your requests