Sunday, March 16, 2008


In an effort to keep things interesting today was a theme show all about Maryland's most populous center. A city I really knew nothing about, nor had any interest in, after digging into it a bit it quickly became clear that Baltimore has a really active art scene. I ran out of time and probably could do another hour playing bands out of the city, but on the whole I really enjoyed the bands I came across while putting this show together.

I cheated a bit at the end with Animal Collective and BARR. They USED to live in Baltimore, so it still counts. They all used to play in a band called Automine, but unfortunately it seems quite difficult to come across those recordings.

Tune in next week as I will have an interview with Bob Wiseman.


Artist - Album - Song
Beach House - S/T - Saltwater
Ecstatic Sunshine - Freckle Wars - Ramontana
Dan Deacon - Spiderman of the Rings - Wham City
Video Hippos - Unbeast the Leash - Narwbals
Double Dagger - Ragged Rubble - The Psychic
Madagascar - Forced March - A Brief Stroll - The Velvet Parasol
Thank You - Terrible Two - Namen
Animal Collective - Sung Tongs - Kids on Holiday
BARR - Summary - Context Ender
Animal Collective - Here Comes the Indian - Panic ****

****Request for Sves!


Rob Pingle @ Home Game said...

You got an interview with Bob Wiseman too! Mine runs this Tuesday Mar 18 and should be up on the podcast at before the end of the month. I also turned it into an article at
Good work on killing your show goal during fundrive. Wish I was still in Victoria to run into you.

andrewjbates said...

A band I've been listening to a bit lately, called Future Islands, are from Baltimore. I think they used to be called Art Lord and the Self Portraits and were from South Carolina or something but I guess they felt the need to change their name and city. You can listen to them here: I think the song "Old Friend" is maybe my favorite.

Camilla said...

yeah Barr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!