Sunday, May 18, 2008

I haven't been all that busy lately, but for some reason I have been having a hard time updating this page. I've been trying to learn some Italian. I've been making pasta salad. I've been sitting in Beacon Hill Park. I'll try to update this more frequently, but I have a feeling that the summertime makes people less inclined to read blogs, as I become less inclined to update mine. However...the summertime seems like a good time to listen to the radio!

This week's show was really great. Laura Barrett stopped by the studio and we spent the entire hour talking about her kalimba project, among other things. She played a bunch of songs for us as well. I have it recorded and I will post it soon (hopefully). Laura told me that it is fine to post the songs, so you will be able to download the interview as well as the session recordings.

Hopefully you made it out to Laura's show on Sunday night at Camas. I believe her music needs to be seen to understand really how talented she is. The Macadamia Brothers' debut performance was equally spectacular and No Gold really blew me away as I had no idea what they sounded like before the show. They make you dance. I hope they can come back soon.

I'm filling in for Andrea this week so Carload of Whatever will be a special 2-hour show from 3-5 PM. Call in and make requests. I'll try to fit in some indie-pop for the G&L fans.

Next fun event:

Friday, June 6th:
Aleks and the Ramps (all the way from Australia)
Stefana Fratila

at Con Brio Music (May and Moss) at 8 PM.

There are some other fun ideas in the works for that night, mostly involving a park and a kitchen, but also maybe bikes.

Does anyone have any pictures from the Laura Barrett show on Sunday night?