Sunday, June 22, 2008

Today had some noisier, rockier tunes. I particularly enjoyed the Women and Videotape tracks. Women are from Calgary. They play that noisy, psychedelic sort of rock music that doesn't feel the need to go fast. Slow and steady. They played two shows in Victoria last week. I only caught one of them, but woah...they were good. Their debut record comes out in early July on Flemish Eye. I'm excited for it.

Videotape are a band I randomly came across on the CFUV chart release wall. I think their name reminded me of Videohippos so I pulled it out. Like Women, they play lo-fi, reverb-heavy rock tunes. They hail from Ottawa and have just put out their self-released debut record My Favorite Thing. You could check that one out too.

The Old Life Records Friend Party is on Tuesday night. There are 15 Victoria bands playing, each playing one or two songs. It might prove to be a logistical nightmare, but should be a lot of fun. There is an outdoor show/picnic before-hand at 7:30 in the Vic High field. The main event is at Logans and starts right at 10. It's free so you can spend your extra money on beer and cool records.


Artist - Album - Song
Women - s/t - Black Rice
Videotape - My Favorite Thing - Night Lights
Cobras Cobras Cobras - Second Old Life Compilation - Dogcatcher
Hidden Cameras - Mississauga Goddam - The Fear is On
Katie Stelmanis - Join Us - Broken
Cause Co-Motion! - Who's Gonna Care 7" - Who's Gonna Care?
Times New Viking - Rip It Off - My Head
Yo La Tengo - Fakebook - The Summer
Pterodactyl - s/t - Esses
Infinite Body - Split with Emaciator - Split Excerpt
Mauled by Tigers - Dead Dog - Dead Dog, I'll Miss ICU
Ecstatic Sunshine - Love & Circuits: Cardboard Records Compilation - Crystal in the Sky
Necking - Love & Circuits: Cardboard Records Compilation - Swinging Ear
Young Lions - First Old Life Compilation - Bass Drum *****
Mr Baby - Love & Circuits: Cardboard Records Compilation - A Death in the Family

***** Marks your requests