Once a year CFUV gets really annoying and asks for money. The money we raise during the week of FUNDRIVE fully supports the station for the entire year. As a volunteer programmer, I am required to raise over $200 for CFUV through my show. So here I am, asking you to help out CFUV for another year and donate some money to my show tomorrow. Any donations of $25 or more are eligble either for one trip into our 'Small Room of Big Prizes' (each trip allows you to take one CD, LP, etc as a gift from the room) or a tax receipt. My past visits to the 'small room' have rewarded me with a Sonic Youth rarities collection, a Hank record, a Ninja High School CD and a fancy CFUV t-shirt. You want to be in there.

You can donate money online here, or by calling 250-721-8700.

Independent radio is so cool! Help save the day!


Geoff said...

"I remember when the dude used to update the blog," - the kids

Has our hero moved on to greater things?