List time. If you hate lists you are lying.

West coast nostalgia, and some other stuff...

Some records I liked:

Artist - Album:
Dirty Beaches - CS-20
Brave Radar - A Building
dd/mm/yyyy - Black Square
Apollo Ghosts - Hastings Sunrise
Sunset Rubdown - Dragonslayer
Almonds, Cohen - Amazing Grass
Makeout Videotape - Heat Wave EP
DOOM – Born Like This
Think About Life - Family
Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca
City Centre - s/t
The Macadamia Brothers - Tiger Sauce
The Third Old Life Records Compilation

Coolest 7-inches that haven't really been released yet:

Slam Dunk
No Gold

Some memorable events in two thousand and nine:

Sat, Nov 21: Bite Your Tongue 2: Lucky Dragons, Corpusse, Nifty, Feurermusik, Castlemusic at a circus training school in east Toronto (Vancouver isn't the only one with an east side)

Sat, Nov 14: Dirty Projectors, Tune Yards at The Opera House, Toronto

Thurs, Oct 15: Katie Stelmanis at The Garrison, Toronto

Fri, June 19: OLD LIFE PARTY 2009 with your pals Cobras, Colourbook, Dreamboat, Slam Dunk, Almonds Cohen, ‘It It, Balacade, Onaping Falls, My Friend Wallis, Public Schools, Recreation, Ruthie and Winfield, Bear’s Lair, Lake Country, others? at The Fifty Fifty, Victoria (Minus front door elitism)

June 9-13: Music Waste with East Van hang outs, best friends and Black Label beer

Wed, May 13: Amazing Grass Release Party! Almonds, Cohen and Macadamia Brothers in a tunnel while it was raining, on the Galloping Goose, near Recyclistas, Victoria

Friday, April 10: Colourbook, with DJs, more best friends, leaky oil van and last second Balacade runaways at The Astoria, Vancouver


Did you like 2009? Is 2010 cool? What do you want to do?


Anonymous said...

is a dream
is dosa 24/7
is ice skating on an artificial
pond next to a lake at -25 degrees
is knowing that you can bowl at
any time of the day
is guitar

Anonymous said...

It agree, it is a remarkable piece

Tugboat said...

2010 is the end of the Aztec page-a-day desk calendar! They will stop making these after 2010!

Anonymous said...


Tugboat said...

*Mayan page-a-day desk calendar

*Mayan page-a-day desk calendar