Sunday, August 5, 2007

On the show this week Cody Spencer from the band Young Lions joined me in the studio. We spent the entire hour and a half talking about music in Victoria with the whole show revolving around the Old Life Records Compilation. Cody is the brains behind Old Life Records, a brand new and very exciting record label based here in Victoria. Taking a page from the book of the Blocks Recording Club, Old Life Records is essentially a collective, working to put out music that wouldn't find a home anywhere else. Old Life is still in its infancy, but be assured that there are some very (very!) exciting plans for the near future. Don't try, do!

Here is the playlist from this week:

Artist - Song (All songs from Old Life Records Compilation)
1. Almonds, Cohen - Cat Bird Girl
2. Balacade - Space Dog
3. Blanco Blank - Jungles Out of Order
4. Charming Man - Half Way Around the World...
5. Cobras Cobras Cobras - City of Cobras
6. Colourbook - Krakatoa
7. Dreamboat - Molly Ringwald
8. Fictional Detectives - The Submarine Plans
9. Lake Country - The Way Things Go
10. Meat Draw - We Have The Nighttime
11. Onaping Falls - Do Not Paint
12. Patty Boyd - Tourist
13. Sommer - I'll Scratch Your Head if You Scratch Mine
14. Young Lions - Bass Drum
To get your own handmade copy of the Old Life Records Compilation (only $1), or if you just want more info on Old Life in general you can contact Cody at Colourbook has a CD available for sale at Ditch Records. Cobras Cobras Cobras, Balacade, Almonds, Cohen and Dreamboat all have CDs available directly from the bands, so get out to their shows or send out some e-mails and get your hands on some great local music.
P.S. My computer crashed this week, so this post is not all it was intended to be. Soon you will be able to download the interview with Cody and also listen to the compilation off this page. Stay tuned!
On Sunday, August 12 Troy Lemberg will be filling in for my show as I will be in Toronto for the weekend. The regular programme should continue the following weekend.


Andrea said...

fucking crashes. I thought macs didn't crash. my computer crashed last month.


nevin said...

Turns out when I dropped a 1000 page book directly onto the hard drive it did some damage. Damn you Cardinal Richeleu!

Andrea said...

nevin, did mr. spencer specifically say that he was taking a page from blocks, or was that just you inserting your ontario bias into my west coast world of k recs and knw-yr-own?

oh yeah, I'm starting an internet battle with you.

Cody said...

Totally said it. Or that's a paraphrase.
To be fair, though, I also mentioned Marriage Records as an influence. And Marriage is kind of just k recs part 2 (/still relevant+hip).
And I'm surprised that you mentioned knw-yr-own. I didn't know that Lunsford held such an important place beyond playing in THAT band?

Andrea said...

oK, well, I am glad you cited marriage recs. as for knw-yr-own... no, no, you're right. they are not really so important.

curses. I was rearing to go after the ferks.