Sunday, September 2, 2007

What happened to August? I disappeared for three shows due to weekends spent in Toronto, Vancouver and Seattle. I'm finally back to what looks like will be a more steady run of shows. This week I was joined in the studio by former Sunday afternoon CFUV staple Andrea Wong. The hour and a half was filled with generally unimportant banter but we danced around the station a lot while the songs were playing and the new students were looking in. Highlights included a very positive 'stay in school' track from a Think About Life demo disc and a public service announcement read by studio loiterer Caitlin Shane. I'm still working on getting that Old Life interview up. The picture on this post is the cover from the new Caribou album Andorra. There's no reason I posted it really, I just needed to make the post look nicer. Caribou is in town playing a show on Halloween. Go to it.

Here's the playlist:

Artist - Album - Song
Belle and Sebastian - Dear Catastrophe Waitress - Wrapped up in Books
Beat Happening - You Turn Me On - Teenage Caveman
Chris Bathgate - A Cork Tale Wake - Every Wall You Own
Caribou - Andorra - Melody Day
Holy Fuck - S/T - Bontempi Latin
!!! - Louden Up Now - Me and Giuliani Down By the Schoolyard (A True Story)
Justice - Cross - D.A.N.C.E.
Torngat - You Could Be - You Could Be
Dirty Projectors - Rise Above - What I See
Think About Life - Demo - Track 8 (Stay In School)
Ninja High School - Young Adults Against Suicide - Shake it Off
The New Pornographers - Challengers - All the Things That Go To Make Heaven and Earth
Colourbook - S/T - Lung Fung
Blanco Blank - Old Life Records Compilation - Jungles Out of Order
Ratatat - Classics - Wildcat
Bob Wiseman - It's True - Queen of Sheba

Tune in next Sunday, September 9th as I will be airing an interview with Toronto based electronic group Holy Fuck. They are in town this week, opening for Wolf Parade at Sugar on Thursday night. Tickets are completely sold so hopefully you were on the ball if you wanted to see this show.

Also exciting, the brand new and redesigned Renegade Radio Magazine is now available throughout Victoria. Renegade Radio is the CFUV bi-monthly (?) publication. I haven't seen it yet, but Gumdrops and Lollipops is excited about it and so am I. You can find your free copy at CFUV and Ditch Records. In it you'll find CD reviews, an indie rock crossword, an interview with Ladyhawk and an article on Old Life Records, among other things.