Sunday, October 28, 2007

Today I gave away tickets to Caribou. If you didn't win them but still want to go I believe Ditch still has tickets. There were a few new things on the show this week that I have been looking forward to hearing for a while. Notably, the brand new Magic Weapon EP titled Residue Hymns. Hopefully you made it out early enough on Friday night to catch them opening for Sunset Rubdown. On the last Magic Weapon EP the group was made up of Jordan Robson-Cramer and Mathieu Malouf. This time around we see the group taking the form of the JRC and Matt Shane (of Think About Life) on drums. There is also some guitar action here and there from Shapes and Sizes dude Rory Seydel. Maybe you know these people because they are all former Victoria dudes who now call Montreal home. As a whole Residue Hymns is a lot better recorded which makes it less noisy and dissonant than the EP that preceded it. This is all very nicely packaged with artwork by Matt Shane. Ditch might have some copies, otherwise you can get in touch with Magic Weapon and work something out.

Also new and exciting, the brand new Saturday Looks Good to Me album Fill Up the Room. This release sees the band making its debut on K Records along with a few lineup changes.

Also noteworthy is the album from Hey Everyone called Broken Horse. This is a group I was introduced to right before my show and I really can't find out much about them. As far as I can tell they are from somewhere in the interior of BC. They sent CFUV their CD recently and I have been really enjoying it. If you know anything else about them I'd love to know.


Artist - Album - Song
Windon Earle - Gold Wave - Kitten vs. Pegasus
Magic Weapon - Residue Hymns - Charles (The Red One)
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Etiquette - Young Shields
Jens Lekman - Night Falls Over Kortedala - The Opposite of Hallelujah
Hey Everyone - Broken Horse - The Sun Shines On
(Weather Report) Bob Wiseman - It's True - What's Wrong With This Picture
Jenny Omnichord - Cities of Gifts and Ghosts - Nintendo City
Saturday Looks Good to Me - Fill Up the Room - Edison Girls
Caribou - Andorra - Melody Day
The Diableros - Aren't Ready for the Country - Telepathic Love
Vermicious Knid - Smalltown Devotion / Hometown Compulsion - Pop Ideal
Burr - Mixed CD from Victoria Mixed Tape Exchange - This Song is the Single and the Single Sucks
The Phonemes - There's Something We've Been Meaning to Do - Oh Sleep

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Andrea was in Vancouver so Carload of Whatever was two hours this week. Lots of songs, though I can't manage to put together anything worth talking about.

The guy (Matt Smith) who sings on the Les Mouches track Spalding Man opened for Final Fantasy last night and brought general confusion to the faces of many of the middle-aged men and women in my row of pews. He now goes by Nifty and he proved that Owen is not the only former Les Mouches member who can play with looping pedals. You were probably there though, so no need to recap.



Artist - Album - Song
Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam - Peacebone
Radiohead - In Rainbows - 15 Step
Manitoba - Jacknuggeted Single - Thistles and Felt
The Halo Benders - The Rebels Not In - Your Asterisk
Belle & Sebastian - The Boy With The Arab Strap - Dirty Dream Number Two
The Dirty Projectors - Rise Above - Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
Deep Dark United - Ancient - Zut!
Drumheller - Wives - Acrobat
Woolly Leaves - Quiet Waters - People and the Planets
Sound Stories - Spiral Ship - I Was Alive Pt 2
John Cale - Paris 1919 - Paris 1919
Final Fantasy - Life at WFMU - What Do You Think Will Happen Next?
Les Mouches - You're Worth More to me Than 1,000 Christians - Spalding Man
Old Time Relijun - Catharsis in Crisis - Indestructible Life
dd/mm/yyyy - Are They Masks? - White Lines
Kevin Drew - Spirit If... - Gang Bang Suicide ****
Femme Generation - The Future Called They Want Their Sound Back - Orlando Bloom (RAC Mix)
Hank! - Venning '91 - Lakeshore Report Diluted: Sources
Cap'n Jazz - Analphabetapolothology - Little League
AIDSwolf - Clash of the Life Force Warriors - Letter to Al Johnson
Sunset Rubdown - Random Spirit Lover - The Courtesan Has Sung / Winged/Wicked Things
Laura Barrett - Earth Sciences EP - Deception Island Optimists Club

**** Marks your requests

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Free shit Sunday. Today we gave away tickets to Great Lake Swimmers. They are at Lucky Bar on Friday night. Andrea gave away Russian Futurists tickets. They are at Logan's on Monday. Louis gave away tickets to Final Fantasy. He is at Alix Goolden Hall on Sunday. There are still tickets available to all these shows if you want to go. You probably should.

We started off the show this week with nice, pretty music and descended into dancey, noisey chaos, only to emerge on the other side with a nice old Magnetic Fields classic and a new Sunset Rubdown epic.

Highlights from the playlist include the Hot Loins Buzzkill 7". Hot Loins reside in East Vancouver and make really spastic music. You can find them on the Broadway to Boundary label, who are into putting out bits of noisey Vancouver music on coloured (and sometimes square-shaped) vinyl. Also noteworthy was the Jenny Omnichord track. A member of Guelph's The Barmitzvah Brothers, Jenny Omnichord has just put out her solo album Cities of Gifts and Ghosts. It was recorded all over Ontario with lots of great musical guests. The omnichord is a plastic electronic musical device built by Suzuki. As Jenny says, "it's time for the omnichord to take its rightful position among the upper echelons of musical instruments." This is important.

If you have the opportunity, check out more of Geneviève Castrée's music and art. She is on tour right now.

Do you love mixed tapes? Zines? Do you love amazing ideas? Are you not a University of Victoria librarian? Click here. It explains my photo this week.

Here's the playlist:

Artist - Album - Song
múm - Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy - Blessed Bramble
Jenny Omnichord - Cities of Gifts and Ghosts - Lottery
Blanck - Birds Attack - Lunch Time
Sandro Perri - Tiny Mirrors - City Museums
Geneviève Castrée - Pomplemoussi - Chanson Pour le Tigre
Chromatics - After Dark Compilation - Hands in the Dark (Dark Day)
Kid606 - Pretty Girls Make Raves - Let it Rock
Japanther - Skuffed up my Huffy - The Boss
Hot Loins - 7" - Buzzkill
The Magnetic Fields - The Wayward Bus - 100,000 Fireflies
Sunset Rubdown - Random Spirit Lover - The Taming of the Hands That Came Back to Life


P.S. Carload of Whatever will be from 3-5 PM this Sunday. That means 2 hours worth of stuff. I'll try to toss in some Gumdrops and Lollipops approved tracks for all of you diehard G&L fans out there.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving. That's me in the top left waiting to dive into 'ol Grandma's turkey feast. In honor of the occasion I played a track by the fittingly titled group Thanksgiving. I was introduced to them in the 5 minutes before my show, but could not pass up the opportunity to play them today.

The show this week saw a lot of vinyl. Notably on the playlist was the Miracle Fortress cover of John Cale's Hanky Panky Nohow. The track appears as the B-side to the Have You Seen It In Your Dreams 12" single. Miracle Fortress didn't win the Polaris Prize, but his record Five Roses was just released in Europe on Rough Trade so I'm sure he is still happy.

A big new release this week from Sunset Rubdown. I haven't sat down with the whole album yet but I've really enjoyed what I have heard. Sunset Rubdown are at Logan's on October 26th with Magic Weapon and Johnny & the Moon. Act quick if you want to go. This is a homecoming of sorts for 50% of Sunset Rubdown and 100% of Magic Weapon. It promises to be a fantastic evening.

Also noteworthy on the playlist was the brand new Young Lions track Mary. The track is from a Young Lions demo CD I received, but we should see it in a proper release soon in the new year. Definitely keep an eye out for that.


Here's the playlist:

Deerhoof - Reveille - This Magnificent Bird Will Rise
Liars - S/T - Freak Out
dd/mm/yyyy - Are They Masks? - Mr. T Cereal
Sunset Rubdown - Random Spirit Lover - The Mending of the Gown
Miracle Fortress - Have You Seen In Your Dreams 12" - Hanky Panky Nohow
Andre Ethier - Andre Ethier on Blue Fog - Never Grow Tired of Me
Benoit Pioulard - Fir 7" - Fir
Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam - Chores
Charles Mingus - Cornell 1964 - Meditations
Japanther - Skuffed Up My Huffy - Vagabond
Young Lions - Demo - Mary
Thanksgiving - We Could Be Each Other's Evidence - Comets