Sunday, November 25, 2007

It was SOCAN week up at CFUV, which basically means that all the programmers play as much Canadian stuff as possible and spend too long filling out extra paperwork. I'm not really sure how the whole thing works, but all the Canadian artists who are registered with SOCAN get a few cents when we play their songs. In honour of the occasion it was an all Canadian show on Carload of Whatever. Ironically only one of these artists is registered with SOCAN. Can you guess who it is??!!

Noteworthy on the playlist are the Ok Vancouver Ok and Collapsing Opposites tracks. Both bands were in town on Saturday night, but I know you weren't there unless you were Cody, Andrea, Andrew or Jordan. As summed up well by Cody, "I guess we're not influential bloggers." The lack of attendance was a shame, but a great night none-the-less. Don't miss out next time around. I've come to realize how disconnected I am from the Vancouver music scene, so I felt like Saturday's show was a good little introduction.

The Barmitzvah Brothers song was about Show Promoters and how no one ever comes to shows. The Barmitzvah Brothers thank the promoters for their hard work. Their new album is called Let's Express Our Motives and is full of "under-appreciated job songs." Maybe your job is honoured with a song.

Woah, new Holy Fuck....woah, old Barcelona Pavilion....


Artist - Album - Song
Holy Fuck - LP - Super Inuit
Woodhands - 7" Split - Can't See Straight
Barcelona Pavilion - EP - The Manganese
Republic of Safety - Passport - Quoin Quoin
The Barmitzvah Brothers - Let's Express Our Motives - Show Promoter
Ok Vancouver Ok - I Get So Drunk About Songs About Love - Pink et Bleu
Collapsing Opposites - Inside Chance - What's That Sound
The Screaming Eagles - Enemy Gold - Newsies!
Balacade - Space Dog EP - I Just Want More
The Phonemes - EP - Steeples and People
Sound Stories - Spiral Ship - I Was Alive Pt 2
Nifty - A Sparrow! - Tinto de Verano

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