Sunday, December 9, 2007

It was a special show today with Balacade in the studio for a live acoustic session. EDIT: Cody recorded the whole thing. You can download all the songs here. Click on the big picture and download the .zip file. I'm still working on getting a better quality recording up.

You can find Balacade's Space Dog EP at Ditch Records. If you are far away from Victoria, you can order it from Old Life Records. Balacade is at the Chrome Horse in Nanaimo this Friday along with Cobras Cobras Cobras. He is also playing (probably) in Victoria on December 30th (venue TBA) with some exciting people.

Next week is my last show of the year so you can probably expect the obnoxious 2007 rundown from me.


Cody said...

Ryan, I recorded the show, and I've posted the songs on the old life website. The quality is a little questionable, though; at best, it deserves a B+. It sounds tinny overall, and the sound distorts a little. I suspect that it was the program I used to record the stream. I'll email you the whole show if you'd like.

It was a good listen! (A+ for quality of entertainment)

nevin said...

Cody saves the day.

Anonymous said...

someone told me balacade was god.

Troy said...

whoa whoa last show of the year?
well makes sense i guess you are going home
um i might stop in then as i always forget to listen.. :(
well cause i am never usually near a radio or computer on sundays as i spend weekends away from home