Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's been busy so I didn't update last week. I lost last week's playlist in all the band coming and going confusion. The playlist wasn't really all that exciting, but the show was quite fun. Andrea, Louis and I combined for a special 3-hour Sunday Surprise edition with a live studio session from Prairie Cat and an interview with Hot Panda. If you missed it and were interested in listening, I'll post both interviews on here when I get some free time (I don't have that right now). The Bicycles were planning on stopping by as well, but unfortunately missed their ferry. Next time...

Andrea and I put on our 10th all ages show last Sunday night, appropriately with the band that kicked off our unplanned foray into all-ages show promotion two years ago. It was fun. Maybe you were there too?

There is a fun event this Saturday night. Recyclistas is having its fifth birthday party, and to mark the occasion are having a party at the shop, complete with bike race and band fun. Cobras Cobras Cobras, Candles, 'It It and Great Wood Chipper are playing. Woah man.

I was in Vancouver last week and saw Deerhunter and Times New Viking play. It was extremely loud and I enjoyed every moment. Were you there? Was the bass player on drugs? Has their new guitarist been practicing being a rock star since she was small?

Other questions: is Penny Rimbaud a good poet? His role on the new Japanther record boggles my mind. Someone defend him so I can understand it better.


Artist - Album - Song
Times New Viking - Stay Awake EP - Call and Respond
dd/mm/yyyy - 777 - Jackpot
dd/mm/yyyy - 777 - Super VGF
Aids Wolf - Cities of Glass - General
Belle & Sebastian - BBC Sessions - Lazy Jane
Lou Reed - Berlin: Live at St Ann's Warehouse - Caroline Says Pt II
Dirty Projectors - The Glad Fact - Naked We Made It
Cause Co-Motion! - It's Time! - Only Fades Away
Cause Co-Motion! - It's Time! - Baby Don't Do It
Cause Co-Motion! - It's Time! - This Just Won't Last
Nail Salon - Rad City (7-Eleven) - Tape Deckz
Balacade - Sundown Morning - Satellite City
Japanther - Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt - Bloated Corpse
Japanther - Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt - Africa Seems So Far Away