Old Life Records Interview

After a hard drive crash and a lot of dealing with the Mac geniuses, my computer is back in operation so as promised I have edited the interview with Old Life's Cody Spencer. The entire thing is about an hour and a half in duration, which may sound long, but keep in mind there is nearly 50 minutes worth of music mixed in. I cut out some of the ads and announcements that would have normally been heard on the air. Unfortunately the Sommer track got cut off. Apologies to Miles for that, but you can stream the song here or download the entire compilation here or else just wait a little longer and buy Sommer's album Soft Wish.

Old Life Records Interview PART ONE

Old Life Records Interview PART TWO

The files should run in iTunes, but let me know if you are having trouble playing it as I have never posted a show before. Cody has told me the bands are almost done recording the tracks for the Old Life 7-inch releases. I might have a sneak preview of these tracks in an upcoming show so stay tuned.


Andrea said...

Cody Spencer has a sexy I-didn't-even-sleep-last-night-I'm-that-badd voice.

Cody said...

That comment made me blush a little.