Sunday, September 30, 2007

Who doesn't love Japanther!? They have a new album out in Canada on Eric Warner's Toronto based label We Are Busy Bodies. The album is called Skuffed Up My Huffy.

Reasons Japanther are the coolest band:
1) Their name.
2) They sing into telephones instead of microphones (most important reason).
3) Samples. Samples which are played off tape decks.
4) Backwards drums
5) Songs about skipping school (sung by men in their twenties).
6) Always being on tour (nine times in two years!).
7) Every song is pretty much the same.
8) It is impossible not to dance.
9) They only play in rooms that are way too hot and way too small.
10) Noisy! Fun!!!

This is the first Japanther album in the CFUV library which is cause for celebration. To embrace this, I will play Japanther for many weeks to come on Carload of Whatever. Japanther were supposed to play a show here in Victoria earlier this summer with dd/mm/yyyy but unfortunate circumstances (and general disorganization on my part) forced the show to be cancelled. One day...they will return.

Fun fact: I used to play in a band that sounded exactly like Japanther. Maybe you too were in Lorne Park in those glory days.

Also notable on the playlist is the Peta Haden track which is a cover of Journey's epic Don't Stop Believin'. If you haven't heard the cover yet you should probably go here and stream it.


Artist - Album - Song:
Japanther - Skuffed Up My Huffy - River Pheonix
Japanther - Skuffed Up My Huffy - River Pheonix
Patty Boyd - Old Life Comp - Tourist
Almonds, Cohen - Ontario (On Stereo) - I Migrated With the Deer
Colourbook - S/T - The Wimbledon Riot
Petra Haden - Guilty By Association - Don't Stop Believin'
Baby Eagle - No Blues - Rainwater Blues
Leonard Cohen - Best of - Chelsea Hotel No 2
Kevin Drew - Spirit If... - Aging Faces
KC Accidental - Captured Anthems for an Empty Bathtub - Nancy and the Griddle Boy
Jenny Omnichord - Cities of Gifts and Ghosts - Moby

P.S. The new CFUV website is up!!! Thanks so much to Johanna and David for fixing the disaster of a page we used to have. Check it out here!


Andrea said...

that photo. your post.

Andrea said...


tell johanna to put your link on the show links page.

Cody said...

Ryan, you're big among the over 50 demographic! My parents told me that they read your blog.